Madden 24 Superstar Best Teams by Position

Madden 24 Superstar Best Teams by Position
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As fans start gearing up for the newest edition of the Madden series, some are starting to prepare for certain modes, which includes deciding which teams will be best for each position in the new Madden 24 Superstar Mode. Over the years, Madden has been home to a mixed bag of results with their single player modes, and fans are eager to see what the new Superstar experience will have in store for them this time around.

The Madden 24 release date is nearly two weeks out. And with the last few reveals around the corner, including for Ultimate Team, players will finally be able to get their hands on the new game soon and see for themselves which teams will be the best to play on for whatever position they choose in Superstar mode. While we wait for the launch of the new game, here’s our expert picks for which teams would suit you best by position.

Madden 24 Superstar Best Teams by position

In Madden 23, fans had five different positions to choose from when starting their Face of the Franchise career – Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, and for the first time, Cornerback. Whether this will be the case for Madden 24’s Superstar mode is still left to be determined. However, we at VideoGamer are predicting that the positional choices won’t be much different if change at all, and might include one new position this year.

With all five positions returning from Madden 23, the game has plenty of options for you to play. You can be a wide receiver, quarterback, running back, linebacker, or cornerback. Picking one of these matters a lot, but so does the team you eventually play on. You can control this if you so choose.

Naturally, this boils down to the position you play, with quarterback being the most popular and involved. But what’s almost just as important, is the positional need of the team you will be playing for. For example, if you want to play quarterback, picking the Chiefs, Bills, or Bengals won’t do you any good because you won’t be outplaying the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Joe Burrow so early on in your career. This is why it’s key to matchup with the best team possible. And the positional need for each team is the biggest indicator you should look out for.

On that note, here’s the best teams for each position you will likely be able to play as in the new Madden 24 Superstar mode.

What are the best Madden 24 Superstar teams for Quarterback?

Here’s our Top 3 Teams we recommend you play for when choosing to be a QB:

TeamBest Current QB
Atlanta FalconsDesmond Ridder (70 OVR)
Las Vegas RaidersJimmy Garoppolo (74 OVR)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBaker Mayfield (76 OVR)

These three teams provide a real chance to become the starter. Generally speaking, you become the starter anyway no matter what, but it’s more realistic and fun to start on one of these teams instead of improbably and shockingly replacing someone like Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, or Justin Herbert.

These teams also have some weapons. The Atlanta Falcons have a bevy of good, young players. They have Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts. The four of you could make for a dynamic quad and run the NFC South for years.

The Las Vegas Raiders have Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, which is an enviable WR duo.

What are the best Madden 24 Superstar teams for Running Back?

Here’s our Top 3 Teams we recommend you play for when choosing to be a RB:

TeamBest Current HB
Minnesota VikingsAlexander Mattison (77 OVR)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRachaad White (76 OVR)
Los Angeles RamsKyren Williams (72 OVR)

What’s tough about selecting the running back position is that there’s a lot of teams that either have a star running back already or have duos and trios that have the potential to receive a committee work load. And based on the talent level and positional need for each of these teams, we think that you can’t go wrong with choosing the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Rams.

A Madden 24 game with superstar players on the field.
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The Vikings just lost their star man Dalvin Cook, and though Mattison is solid, he’s definitely a back you can outperform. The Buccaneers, also a good fit for a quarterback, have no real running back threats to you. The Rams traded away Cam Akers and have a low-rated Kyren Williams in the backfield. They would be easy to join as a running back.

What are the best Madden 24 Superstar teams for Wide Receiver?

Here’s our Top 3 Teams we recommend you play for when deciding to be a WR:

TeamBest Current WR
Green Bay PackersChristian Watson (77 OVR)
Houston TexansTank Dell (76 OVR)
Kansas City ChiefsKadarius Toney (77 OVR)

Wide receiver is much easier to make the team as. Most teams use three, and two are starters. It’s very easy to slot into the top three or two in almost any team. However, we are not playing the game to be a backup, so we need to look for teams we can make the WR1 spot for. That includes the Packers, Texans, and Chiefs.

The Packers have a young quarterback, but they don’t have a lot of weapons for him to throw to. Christian Watson is pretty good, but it would be very easy to outplay him and become Jordan Love’s top target.

The Texans have a bright future with CJ Stroud at the helm. He’s developing chemistry with Tank Dell, their best wide receiver right now. Nevertheless, that 76 OVR isn’t very imposing. It is very possible to become the rookie’s top target and play with him for years to come.

The Chiefs have very few good receivers. Travis Kelce is a tight end, and Kadarius Toney is only a 77 overall. This is a team that needs a wide receiver and you could be the one for them.

What are the best Madden 24 Superstar teams for Linebacker?

Here’s our Top 3 Teams we recommend you play for when choosing to be a LB:

TeamBest Current LB
Detroit LionsJack Campbell (74 OVR)
Los Angeles RamsErnest Jones (77 OVR)
Washington CommandersCody Barton (75 OVR)

There are three different types of linebacker positions – Middle Linebacker (MLB), Right Outside Linebacker, and Left Outside Linebacker. So depending you want to play as a MLB, ROLB, or LOLB, there’s a lot of teams that you could play for.

The Lions don’t have very good linebackers. Jack Campbell is a rookie with a high ceiling, but there’s really not much competition otherwise. It would be very easy to slot in there and become a big playmaker for the Lions defense.

An NFL game featuring Superstar players on the field.
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The Rams and Commanders are in the same boat. They don’t have a good linebacking corps, so there’s a very good chance for you to come in and become the anchor of their defense.

What are the best Madden 24 Superstar teams for Cornerback?

Here’s our Top 3 Teams we recommend you play for when choosing to be a CB:

TeamBest Current CB
Arizona CardinalsMarco Wilson (74 OVR)
Tennessee TitansSean Murphy-Bunting (80 OVR)
Pittsburgh SteelersPatrick Peterson (82 OVR)

Similarly to that of the wide receiver position, all defensive schemes for every team will require two CBs. And if you want to be the number one CB on your team, these three teams are your best bet. The Cardinals have a very depleted unit, so from a support standpoint, might not be the best choice. That said, it would be the easiest group for you to join and climb the ranks. The Titans have some solid depth, and Murphy-Bunting is the best of the bunch. However, it’s a group with no clear-cut CB1, making for a good team to join.

Lastly, the Steelers are a great team to choose for a cornerback. They only have Patrick Peterson. Admittedly, he’s an 82 OVR right now, but he’s already down two points this year and he’s aging. It’s not going to get better, so you could join a good defense with a chance at being their shutdown corner.

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