Can you request a trade in Madden 24?

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You have likely tried out Madden 24 Superstar mode, the game mode in which you play as a certain position and try to become the greatest player the NFL has ever seen. It’s franchise mode for a single, created player. With it, you can join an NFL team and play your position for them, and it’s quite popular. If you land on a team you don’t like, can you request a trade elsewhere?

Can you demand a trade in Madden 24 Superstar mode?

No, you cannot request a trade in Madden 24 superstar mode. Trading is not part of the game mode, so you will be stuck on the team that drafts you. You can avoid this issue by controlling which team you land on.

Whatever position you choose, you decide which team you’ll go to. If you’re a quarterback who wants to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, you can set that beforehand. They will use the first of their draft picks to do so. If you’re a halfback who wants to go to the Buffalo Bills, you can. You can control if you end up on the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, or whoever else, but that is set before you begin your playthrough.

Zach’s Tips

You can’t demand a trade in Superstar mode. If you’re drafted, you’re stuck until free agency. However, you can control where you go on your rookie deal, which helps. If you leave it to fate, though, you can’t leave for a while.

Once that’s done, you’re stuck wherever you ended up as a potentially late-round draft pick. For example, in my playthrough, I did not control where I went. I ended up playing quarterback for the New York Giants. That’s less than ideal given the presence of highly-paid Daniel Jones and the lack of pass-catchers. Nevertheless, I cannot request a trade. They’re my current team starting in training camp, and really my only option. If I’m going to win a Super Bowl, it will not be with a different team on this file.

madden 24 request trade: Player scrambles with the ball for the Giants
Superstar mode doesn’t have trading. Captured by VideoGamer

I could, however, leave through free agency in four seasons when my contract is up. That’s the only way I can change teams unless I want to start over with a new career and new team. This is true for linebackers (LB), wide receivers (WR), running backs/halfbacks (HB/RB), quarterbacks (QB), and cornerbacks (CB) in Superstar mode.

Can I request a trade in Madden 24 franchise mode?

You can choose to be a GM, coach, or even a player in Madden 24, with Josh Allen on the cover, in Franchise mode. If you do the latter, you still cannot request a trade. You can demand release, but that’s not recommended, as it makes you a free agent with zero flexibility. You can’t play your way into a solid contract on a new team during the off season that way. If you fail to sign with a CPU controlled offer before the season ends, though, you will be forced to retire. The gameplay for that mode will end then and there.

Can you trade outside of Madden 24 franchise mode?

Trading, perhaps for the best young players, is only allowed in Madden NFL franchise mode, not Ultimate Team, or anything else. Do this by going to the Home Tab in the Franchise Hub. Then, go to the Activities list and to Manage Roster. There, you will find the Trade Center.

There, you can make use of the additional trade slots to try and shed salaries or add star players on defense and offense. Depth, focus players, and extra draft picks can be provided here, but it’s the only game mode that has it. You can’t force trades, but you can make them. They can be made easier in commissioner tools.

Madden 24 trading FAQs

Can I request a trade in Madden 24 Superstar mode?

You cannot request a trade from the team that drafted you. 

Can I force a trade in Madden 24?

You can turn the trading likelihood up, but you can’t make it a guarantee. 

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