Madden 24 Legends Program – Our guide to MUT’s most iconic set

Madden 24 Legends Program – Our guide to MUT’s most iconic set
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The Madden 24 Legends Program is one of the most popular promos and is back once more in Ultimate Team. Building up your collection in Madden 24 Ultimate Team is the name of the game, and adding the best cards available is key to your success, which includes the new Legends Program players.

With Madden 24 now out for well over a month, fans are hard at work digging into the Season 2 Field Pass rewards and TOTW Program among other promos that have gone live since the game’s release. And as you can imagine, many are curious which new Legends have arrived in Ultimate Team so far. In this guide, we list all of the new players along with the key details you need to know about the Legends Program in Madden 24.

Madden 24 Legends Program

Madden 24 Legends Program Details

The Madden 24 Ultimate Team Legends Program reveals its new players every Friday before each release goes live on the ensuing Saturday at 10:30AM ET / 3:30PM GMT. Every release includes a specific set of Champions – all of which have lower overall versions that you will be able to acquire and use for Legends Champion sets – and one to two Limited Edition (LTD) players.

The Legends Program comes with its very own field pass that has six levels, granting you the opportunity to unlock some exclusive bonus rewards including an 81+ OVR Legends player at Level 6. However, the two biggest changes to the Legends Program in Madden 24 consist of removing the Legends Team Chem and power ups.

Seeing how strong the Legends Team Chem meta was in Madden 23, Legends will not come with their own personal team chem. If you’re looking to stay up to date on all the new players, we cover the full list down below and go over how to secure a special Legends Program Fantasy Pack as well.

Madden 24 Legends Program

Madden 24 Legends Program Players

The first release of the Legends Program came with a total of ten new players, all of which were revealed by Good Morning Madden on August 18 before being released on August 19. Following its first release, Madden 24 Ultimate Team has returned with a new set of Legends every Saturday since, introducing three new players with each release.

Fans can secure these new Legends players from sets, the auction house, and the store. On that note, here’s a look at all the new players from the Legends Program in Madden 24 Ultimate Team.

Legends Program Players

Limited Edition players are available in the store for a 48-hour time period. Once that time frame expires, they will only be available in the Auction House, where they tend to come with hefty price tags. So if you’re planning on getting your hands on the Limited Edition players, be sure to pursue them as soon as they go live.

In total, these players are available:

Chad Johnson (WR)Bengals87 OVR
Warren Sapp (DT)Buccaneers87 OVR
Gene Upshaw (LG)Raiders87 OVR
Antonio Cromartie (CB) Chargers88 OVR
Brian Finneran (WR) Falcons88 OVR
Ray Lewis (MLB)Ravens88 OVR
David DeCastro (RG)Steelers89 OVR
Dave Robinson (LOLB)Packers89 OVR
Torry Holt (WR)Rams90 OVR
Aqib Talib (CB)Broncos90 OVR
Mean Joe Greene (DT)Steelers91 OVR
Alex Mack (C)Browns91 OVR
Troy Aikman (QB)Cowboys91 OVR
Pat Tillman (SS)Cardinals91 OVR
Mark Clayton (WR)Dolphins91 OVR
Derrick Brooks (ROLB)Buccaneers91 OVR
John Mackey (TE)Colts92 OVR
Howie Long (RE)Raiders92 OVR
Russ Grimm (LG)Chiefs92 OVR
Vince Wilfork (DT)Texans92 OVR
Asante Samuel (CB)Patriots92 OVR
Desean Jackson (WR)Commanders92 OVR
Sean Taylor (FS)Commanders92 OVR
Otto Brown (QB)Browns92 OVR
Jerry Rice (WR)49ers92 OVR
Ed “Too Tall” Jones (LE)Raiders93 OVR
Andre Reed (WR)Bills93 OVR
Anthony Munoz (LT)Bengals93 OVR
Kyle Williams (DT)Bills93 OVR
Everson Walls (CB)Giants94 OVR
LTD Gary Anderson (K)Vikings94 OVR
LTD Randy Moss (WR)Vikings94 OVR
LTD Chris Johnson (HB)Titans94 OVR
Jack Tatum (FS)Raiders93 OVR
Chris Hinton (RT)Falcons93 OVR
Zach Thomas (MLB)Dolphins93 OVR
Vernon Davis (TE)49ers93 OVR
Drew Brees (QB)Saints94 OVR
Terrell Suggs (LOLB)Ravens94 OVR
Champ Bailey (CB)Broncos95 OVR
Dallas Clark (TE)Colts95 OVR
Jared Allen (LE)Vikings94 OVR
Mike Alstott (FB)Buccaneers94 OVR
Ronde Barber (CB)Buccaneers94 OVR
Rod Smith (WR)Broncos94 OVR
Maurkice Pouncey (C)Steelers95 OVR

Zach’s Tips

The Legends set is one of the best opportunities to get players that don’t currently play. Those stars and icons you miss can be added in this set. Other sets add historical players, too, but this is the set that focuses on them. It’s not the biggest set, but it is definitely the most fun to play in our opinion.

Legends Program Champions

There are a total of 22 Legends Program Champions so far, all of which come with multiple OVR versions. Three of these alternative versions you will be able to use to complete sets while the Champion item will have Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 ability buckets. Here’s the complete list of Legends Champions.

Legends Champions (87 OVR)

Fred Taylor (HB)Jaguars
Franco Harris (FB)Steelers
Devin Hester (WR)Bears
Dan Dierdorf (RT)Cardinals
Jevon Kearse (RE)Titans
Junior Seau (MLB)Chargers
Richard Sherman (CB)Seahawks
Ed Reed (FS)Ravens
Warren Moon (QB)Titans
Kam Chancellor (SS)Seahawks

Legends Champions (88 OVR)

Shannon Sharpe (TE)Broncos
Bruce Smith (RE)Bills
Michael Vick (QB)Falcons
DeMarcus Ware (LOLB)Cowboys
Calvin Johnson (WR)Lions
Charles Woodson (CB)Packers

Legends Champions (89 OVR)

Walter Payton (HB)Bears
Troy Polamalu (SS)Steelers
Willie Roaf (LT)Saints
Dave Robinson (LOLB)Packers
Paul Krause (FS)Vikings

Legends Champions (90 OVR)

Joe Montana (QB)49ers
John Randle (DT)Vikings
Luke Kuechly (MLB)Panthers
Harold Carmichael (WR)Eagles
Adrian Peterson (HB)Vikings
Will Shields (RG)Chiefs
Michael Strahan (DE)Giants
Lincoln Kennedy (RT)Raiders
Darrelle Revis (CB)Jets
Patrick Willis (MLB)49ers
Joe Montana (QB)49ers
John Randle (DT)Vikings
Madden 24 Legends Program

Madden 24 Legends Program Fantasy Pack

Last but surely not least, the Legends Program has its own personal set of Challenges. Along the challenges rewards ladder are multiple Legends Tokens fans can unlock, which they can then allocate towards a special Legends Program Fantasy Pack set that will offer them the opportunity to pick any of the new Legends Champions. And in order to unlock this pack, fans need 16 Legends tokens they can exchange.

Once you enter the Legends challenge reward path, you will see that Madden 24 has a total of 32 Legends Tokens available, granting you essentially two opportunities to cash in on this fantasy pack. Though it might seem like a bit much to get that many tokens, the pack is worth it and will grant you one if not two free Legends Champion to dominate with. These are by no means the only Legends Program player drops, so be sure to stay tuned for the next release that will arrive next Saturday, October 7.

Madden 24 Legends FAQs

What is in Madden 24 Legends?

The Legends promo includes former players who many might consider “legends” of the sport.

Is there a Legends Field Pass in Madden 24?

Madden 24 Legends does have a Field Pass. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-11