Madden 24 Best RB Ratings – Top 20 running backs ranked

Madden 24 Best RB Ratings – Top 20 running backs ranked
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Running the football can be one of the most exhilarating aspects of Madden, and these are the best Madden 24 RB ratings in the game. Playing on offense in Madden is plenty of fun, with fans typically enamored with passing the ball. But as many football fans know, having a proper balance in your offensive game plan with a strong rushing attack is essential to winning games, highlighting just how important the running back position is.

The Madden 24 release date has now passed, which means the new player ratings for the game are live, including which running backs have the highest overalls. A running back is only as good as his offensive linemen though, so keep an eye out for the ones that have the best blockers on their team.

Who are the best RBs in Madden 24?

Here’s the Top 20 Madden 24 running backs:

Christian McCaffrey98San Francisco 49ers
Nick Chubb97Cleveland Browns
Derrick Henry95Tennessee Titans
Saquon Barkley93New York Giants
Josh Jacobs92Las Vegas Raiders
Aaron Jones90Green Bay Packers
Austin Ekeler89Los Angeles Chargers
Kenneth Walker III88Seattle Seahawks
Tony Pollard88Dallas Cowboys
Joe Mixon87Cincinnati Bengals
Travis Etienne Jr87Jacksonville Jaguars
Alvin Kamara86New Orleans Saints
Jonathan Taylor86Indianapolis Colts
Bijan Robinson85Atlanta Falcons
Jamaal Williams85New Orleans Saints
Breece Hall84New York Jets
D’Andre Swift84Philadelphia Eagles
David Montgomery84Detroit Lions
Cordarrelle Patterson83Atlanta Falcons
Dalvin Cook83New York Jets

Although running the ball can be a bit tricky to get a good feel for, it’s important to implement into your offensive strategy on the gridiron in Madden. Having a strong running back will really help with that as they will need to power through defensive linemen and linebackers at the point of attack.

A year ago, Madden 23 launched with seven 90+ overall RBs. But in Madden 24, fans now only have six 90+ overall RBs to play with at launch. At the top of the list in Madden 23, was that of Derrick Henry who was a 97 overall. But is his new overall rating a justifiable one?

Here’s a look at five of the Top 20 RBs in Madden 24 along with our expert analysis on why we think each overall rating is fair or not.

Christian McCaffrey – 98 overall

Christian McCaffrey has risen from a 96 to a 98 overall with an impressive start to the season. He’s playing so well for the San Francisco 49ers that he’s generating genuine MVP buzz, nearly an impossible task as a running back. If he continues playing well, it would not be a shock at all to see him join the 99 Club once again. He’s been a member before, most recently with the Carolina Panthers. He can run and catch, and he does both better than a lot of Pro Bowl-level Madden 24 players.

Nick Chubb – 97 overall

The second-best running back in Madden 24 is that of the Cleveland Browns star, Nick Chubb, and understandably so. Chubb proves every time he’s on the field that he’s pretty much in a class of his own. He doesn’t have the outstanding receiving ability of McCaffrey or the dominant physicality that Derrick Henry has, but he is as smooth of a runner as there is. He’s done for the season with injury, so he’s not going to be able to get higher and take back the top spot from CMC. Regardless, he’s still one of the best running backs with ease.

Derrick Henry – 95 overall

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Derrick Henry rarely has a down game, and he hasn’t really in 2023. Thus far, he’s only gotten better as his 94 overall from the beginning of the season has grown to a 95. He is still the dominant runner that defenders have to think twice about trying to tackle. Henry is getting older, but he doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The running back routinely finds himself in the high 90s in every Madden game, and that trend isn’t likely to stop any time soon.

Saquon Barkley – 93 overall

Saquon Barkley is another player that routinely finds himself in the 90s on Madden ratings. Since entering the league in 2018, he’s really had to do it all on the New York Giants offense. Their passing game is lackluster and their offensive line is pretty porous. It all comes down to Barkley, and he has done extremely well in an admittedly very difficult situation. He has shown that again in EA Sports’ Madden 24, as he’s gotten even better since the beginning of the season.

Josh Jacobs – 92 overall

Josh Jacobs came in the season as the number three back. He was excellent last season, leading the league in rushing. He has not been the same back this year as the Las Vegas Raiders have struggled, and it’s seen his overall rating drop to 92 from a very nice 95. Still, he’s a top five back in the game thanks to his vision and speed. He can hit a hole better than most backs, and even though he’s dipped, he’s still one of the most viable options in Madden 24 capable of scoring touchdowns at a moment’s notice.

That’s all for Madden 24 running back ratings, but be sure to find out whether or not you can request a trade, what’s in the Angry Runs set, and the full team ratings.

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