How to tackle in Madden 24 explained

How to tackle in Madden 24 explained
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With a new Madden NFL game here, it’s time to brush up on the basics, including how to tackle in Madden 24. As they say, offense wins games, but defense wins championships, so make sure you are solid at the back! 

Tackling is a fundamental aspect of Madden NFL gameplay, contributing significantly to defensive success. Find out all you need to know about how to tackle in Madden 24 below. 

How to tackle in Madden 24

Tackling is an essential part of the game, making your team hard to break down. Here is how to tackle in Madden 24

Tackle TypeControl (PlayStation / Xbox / PC)
Conservative ‘Breakdown Tackle’Hold X / Hold A / Hold E
Aggressive Dive TacklePress Square / Press X / Press Q
Hit StickFlick right stick up when in range of ball carrier / Press W
Cut Stick (take ball carrier’s legs out)Flick right stick down when in range of ball carrier / Press S

With different types of tackle to use, it is important to employ them at the right moment in-game. The first part of tackling is the approach. As an oncoming defender, use the left analog stick to steer your player toward the ball carrier. Maintain an angle that allows you to cut off their path effectively. 

Then comes engagement, when you are in proximity to the ball carrier, initiate a tackle. Timing is crucial; initiate the tackle at the right moment to increase your chances of a successful takedown. 

The ‘Breakdown Tackle’ is a more precise, conservative option. It can result in a safer, more controlled attempt. This can be useful when preventing big gains or in open-field situations. 

Alternatively, an aggressive dive tackle can be useful in high-pressure situations or when trying to force a fumble. This approach is riskier and can leave your defender vulnerable to missed tackles or broken tackles if mistimed. 

Remember, using the right analog stick is your friend, as it allows you to hit stick and cut stick! The hit stick mechanic allows you to deliver a powerful hit higher on the body, whereas the cut stick takes the ball carrier’s legs out. It’s a high-risk, high-reward tactic that can jar the ball loose if executed accurately. 

Pay attention to the situation and adjust your tackling strategy accordingly. Tackling a running back differs from tackling a receiver in the open field. Adapt your approach based on the circumstances. 

Regular practice and situational awareness are key to mastering tackling in Madden 24. Understanding the game’s mechanics and experimenting with different strategies will help you become a formidable defensive force on the virtual gridiron.