Madden 24 AKA set – Our guide to MUT’s most unique program

Madden 24 AKA set – Our guide to MUT’s most unique program
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The Madden 24 AKA Program launched on August 28, introducing the game’s first set of nickname-themed players in Ultimate Team. This has become one of the most popular sets in MUT, which has been around for a few iterations of the game. The Also Known As (AKA) set is great due to its unique nature and beautiful card art.

With Madden 24 out for well over a month, fans have been able to enjoy not only the new player ratings at their disposal, but also the plethora of incredible Ultimate Team sets, such as the e Unstoppable Program, new AKA Program, and Legends Program which all have excellent cards all the time. With that in mind, fans may be eager to see what new players have arrived with the AKA Program as well.

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Madden 24 AKA Program Details

The Madden 24 AKA Program is a weekly promo in Ultimate Team that will be releasing two new players every Monday at 1:30PM EST / 6:30PM GMT. This set is designed to honor those in the NFL, including some former players, with iconic nicknames. They’ve already got players like “Prime Time” Deion Sanders, and they could end up adding someone like “Supercam” Cam Newton, for example.

Naturally, these cards have some of the most creative art in the entire game. They also have the added bonus of having the nickname instead of the last name on the back of the jersey. To land any of the new AKA players, fans can either complete their sets, which will require some of the lower overall versions each champion comes with, try and purchase them in the Auction House, or purchase them from packs in the store. Getting lucky in packs or completing a set might be easiest, since these cards often sell for a lot of money.

Of course, the AKA Program comes with its own Field Pass. It contains six levels. You can earn several different amounts of MUT Coins on it. The AKA Field Pass also has its own 81+ OVR AKA Player Pack that fans can unlock at Level 6, which makes some of these cards a little bit easier to come by. So without further ado, here is the comprehensive list of AKA players available in Madden Ultimate Team right now.

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What is in the Madden 24 AKA Program?

The Madden 24 AKA Program comes with a total of 16 champions so far, all of which have lower overall versions that you can use to complete their champion sets. Though there were no Limited Editions for the first four drops, Madden 24 did include one for its fifth release and could continue doing so moving forward.

Here’s a look at all the new AKA Program players that are now live in Madden 24 Ultimate Team. The most recent addition, which included Aaron Donald and Dan Marino, was the final release for this set. This list is now comprehensive. After adding that final list, EA backtracked to add a 93 OVR Joe Flacco card for his return to the NFL with the Browns. Other than that, this list should be final.

AKA Program Limited Editions (LTDs)

Andrew Luck (QB)ColtsAKA “The Captain”89
Johnny ManzielBrownsAKA “Johnny Football”90
Ed Reed (FS)RavensAKA “Ball Hawk”90
Ahmad Gardner (CB)JetsAKA “Sauce”90
Justin Jefferson (WR)VikingsAKA “Jettas”90
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB)GiantsAKA “DRC”91
Russell Wilson (QB)BroncosAKA “DangeRuss”91
C.J. Gardner-Johnson (SS)LionsAKA “Ceedy Duce”91
Jimmy Smith (WR)JaguarsAKA “Lightning”91
Kenneth Walker III (HB)SeahawksAKA “K9”91
Bijan Robinson (HB)FalconsAKA “Bijan Mustard”92
Aaron Donald (DE)RamsAKA “The Terminator”92
Dan Marino (QB)DolphinsAKA “Dan The Man”92
Joe Flacco (QB)BrownsAKA “Joe Cool”93

Our Tips

These players above are very highly-rated, which also makes them hard to get and very expensive. If you can’t get them, don’t fret. Most of them have lower OVR versions that can still make for excellent additions to your team. For example, Aaron Donald also has an 89 and an 85 OVR card in AKA. That can still be a tremendous upgrade to your lineup. The same is true of Dan Marino, Jimmy Smith, and others.

AKA Players (87 OVR)

Jameis Winston (QB)SaintsAKA “Famous Jameis”
Jerome Betts (HB)SteelersAKA “The Bus”
Jerry Rice (WR)49ersAKA “G.O.A.T.”
Leonard Williams (RE)GiantsAKA “The Big Cat”
Bobby Wagner (MLB)SeahawksAKA “Bwagz”
Deion Sanders (CB)CowboysAKA “Prime Time”
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AKA Players (88 OVR)

DeVonta Smith (WR)EaglesAKA “Slim Reaper”
Lawrence Taylor (ROLB)GiantsAKA “L.T.”
Rob Gronkowski (TE)PatriotsAKA “Gronk”
Patrick Peterson (CB)SteelersAKA “Pat Pete”
Terry Bradshaw (QB)SteelersAKA “Blond Bomber”
Creed Humphrey (C)ChiefsAKA “Country Strong”

AKA Players (89 OVR)

Christian McCaffrey (HB)49ersAKA “Run CMC”
Charles Cross (LT)SeahawksAKA “Sweet Feet”
Vernon Davis (TE)49ersAKA “The Duke”
Marlon Humphrey (CB)RavensAKA “Fruit Punch”

AKA Players (90 OVR)

Mike Alstott (FB)BuccaneersAKA “A-Train”
Gilbert Brown (DT)PackersAKA “The Gravedigger”
Odell Beckham Jr. (WR)RavensAKA “OBJ”
Cornelius Bennett (LOLB)BillsAKA “Biscuit”

These cards will certainly not be the only ones the AKA Program in Madden 24 Ultimate Team receives. So be sure to stay tuned for the next drop here, which will take place on Monday, October 23. Early that morning, new players with iconic nicknames will be revealed.

Madden 24 AKA Program

Madden 24 AKA Crews

Madden 24 also introduced on January 15 a new chemistry boost for players in the AKA set called Crews. These stars will get an X-Factor equipped and it will automatically start activated when you play with them:

  • Megatron: Double Me
  • LT: Energizer
  • Passtronaut: Fearless
  • Madabeast: Unstoppable Force
  • Wild Man: Reinforcement
  • The Rattler: Inside Shade

It also debuted a few new players for gamers to pick up:

  • 95 OVR LE Reggie White: Minister of Defense
  • 94 OVR ROLB Keith Bulluck: Mr Monday Night
  • 94 OVR WR Devin Hester: Anytime

These boosts can help you win games.

Madden 24 AKA Program Fantasy Packs

In addition to the new players, fans can complete special program challenges that help them progress along the Field Pass. By doing these challenges and earning new stars, they will be able to unlock AKA Tokens at different levels on the reward path. This will also award an 82 OVR AKA Player Pack at Tier 14, another good way to earn an AKA player for the lineup.

Upon collecting these AKA Tokens, fans will be able to place them in seven different types of AKA Fantasy Player Pack sets they can choose from, including the AKA Champion Token Exchange pictured above. Each of these fantasy packs has its own set of stipulations. So in order for gamers to unlock the AKA Champion Pack, for example, they will need to earn 34 AKA Tokens to be able to select Account Bound (BND) AKA Program Champion that is available.

Unless you have a specific player in mind, perhaps for a theme team, then we recommend saving the tokens you receive. Then, you can get the Program Champion that is either going to be a better player for your lineup, or will bring in a lot of coins at the Auction House.

Madden 24 AKA FAQs

What is the AKA set in Madden 24?

The AKA set in Madden 24 refers to “Also Known As”, so it introduces players, past and present, with iconic nicknames. They get to have their nicknames on the back of the jersey instead of their last names.

When does AKA get new players in Madden 24?

AKA players are added every Monday at 1:30 pm EST/6:30 pm BST. They are revealed before but they go live in-game at that time. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-11