Madden 24 Best Kicker and Punter Ratings – Top 10 ranked

Madden 24 Best Kicker and Punter Ratings – Top 10 ranked
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The Madden 24 Best Kicker and Punter ratings went live over the month of July, showcasing which will be the best to use for each position. Though Justin Tucker is basically a lock as the best kicker every year in Madden, some might be curious where the rest of the kickers fall and which punters will be best to use this year in Madden 24.

The official Madden 24 release date is right around the corner, and with early access live and running, many fans are after the new player ratings, including the best rookies. Kickers and punters tend to fall on the bottom of the priority list for many when it comes to discovering the new ratings and which are best. But that doesn’t mean these special teams positions are not important, which is why we chose to share the Top 10 Madden 24 Best Kicker and Punter ratings.

Madden 24 Best Kicker Ratings

Madden 24 Kicker Ratings

Here’s the Top 10 Madden 24 Kicker ratings:

Justin Tucker91
Daniel Carlson83
Graham Gano83
Jake Elliot81
Jason Myers80
Matt Gay80
Younghoe Koo80
Evan McPherson79
Ka’imi Fairbairn79
Matt Prater79

Despite kickers playing a small role in the game of football, the position comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility and pressure to deliver extra points and field goals when called upon.

Most of you will likely prefer to go on fourth down, or might avoid finding yourself having to kick the ball until you need an extra point. But for those that play more competitively and understand the value of coming away with three points, having a strong kicker goes a long way.

If you’re planning on kicking field goals in Madden 24 and frequently, Justin Tucker is the kicker you will want on your team, coming with 99 kick power and 99 kick accuracy. That said, both Daniel Carlson and Graham Gano make for viable second choices, each coming with 83 overalls this year.

Madden 24 Best Punter Ratings

Madden 24 Punter Ratings

Here’s the Top 10 Madden 24 Punter ratings:

A.J. Cole III83
Tommy Townsend83
Ryan Stonehouse82
Johnny Hekker81
Logan Cooke81
Bryan Anger80
Thomas Morstead79
Tress Way79
Blake Gillikin78
Corey Bojorquez78

The Top 10 punters?! Just like the kicker position, punters are also an underrated position to know about. No one is invincible to great defensive stands, be it against a friend or the CPU. And going for it on 4th and 20, is just too risky to execute sometimes, particularly if a game is very close and you have the defensive unit that can get you the ball back.

This is where punters come into play. And having a great one in Madden 24 will help you tremendously when keeping your opponent’s scoring at bay as you pin them deep inside their own territory. This year A.J. Cole III and Tommy Townsend lead the way as the best punters in Madden 24 with 83 overall ratings, but both Ryan Stonehouse and veteran Johnny Hekker are close behind with respective 82 and 81 overall ratings. Stonehouse has the best kick power (99) while Hekker has the best kick accuracy (94) in Madden 24.

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