Madden 24 – Is Madden down? Check server status and maintenance

Madden 24 – Is Madden down? Check server status and maintenance
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Trying to find out if Madden 24 is down? EA’s Madden NFL servers often go down for planned maintenance periods. This leaves online modes unavailable for fans, including Madden 24 Ultimate Team and Madden 24 Superstar Showdown.

Whether you are playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, come back to this page to check for any outages. More often than not, the official Madden NFL Direct page on X (Twitter) will announce planned server maintenance that will prevent access to online modes and any matchmaking.

Now that we are well past the Madden 24 release date, find out the Madden 24 server status below.

Is Madden 24 down?

Madden 24 servers appear to be experiencing a bit of trouble at the time of writing, according to DownDetector. This has been checked as of November 20 at 08:16 EST.

Madden’s servers experienced a spike in reports on the popular site beginning around 6 am EST. They reached around 100 reports of outages, and people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to state that they were having issues. At about 7 am EST, the reports on the popular site reached a peak of 106 reports of issues.

When we checked our copy of Madden 24, there seemed to be no issues. We loaded in fine without a hitch, and we opened up Madden Ultimate Team to check out some new packs without any delay. Everything was available on our end, but that’s not to say that others elsewhere weren’t having issues.

EA hasn’t announced any downtime for the game’s online services through any of the official channels. In addition, server maintenance usually takes place at night to avoid disrupting as few fans from playing the game as possible.

Fortunately, these issues often get resolved sooner than later, so you may not have to wait too long to be able to enjoy Madden uninterrupted.

How to check if servers are down?

If you are struggling to access online elements of the game, the first thing to do is to check your internet connection. You will need internet connection to access online features, so this is your first check.

If your internet connection is sound, then head to social media. X (Twitter) has plenty of accounts that will confirm outages, patches, or any changes to online play.

Madden NFL Direct and EA Help are all accounts that can be used to check the server status of the game.

Lastly, if there is nothing listed on these pages, there are plenty of Down Detector web sites that report problems posted by users.

Checking these to see if other players are having similar issues to you can also assist you in getting back in the game as soon as possible.

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Troubleshooting Madden 24 servers

If you’re having trouble with Madden 24 servers, there may be something you can do. EA Sports is likely working to fix them, but until then, you can try a few popular troubleshooting methods. These include:

  • Restart your console or platform
  • Reset your Internet router
  • Close the application and start again
  • Log out of Madden and back in

These often work, but if the issue is a game-wide issue, you may just have to play offline and wait for EA to fix it on the back end. Since the issues may not be afflicting every single player in the world, there may be hope for you to successfully troubleshoot.