Madden 24 Superstar Mode – Deep Dive and more

Madden 24 Superstar Mode – Deep Dive and more
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Madden 24 Superstar mode is a brand new way to enjoy the game. Whether you are taking your NFL player to the superbowl in career, or competing online in showdown, your character will remain the star of the show.

Since Madden 20 we have seen the Face of the Franchise mode provide something similar to Superstar mode. However, EA is pulling out all the stops in Madden 24 to make this the biggest, best, and most immersive superstar experience yet.

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Madden 24 Superstar Mode

Madden 24 Superstar mode is back for the first time since Madden NFL 25 back in 2013. With a variety of ways to play, Superstar mode has something to offer fans of almost every game mode.

“I’ve looked at all of those [other player career modes]. It’s kind of what I do for fun because I didn’t make it to the NFL,” exclaimed Isaac Etheridge, Game Designer. “It’s my way of being able to live out my childhood fantasies. I can identify something that I love about each one of those products and I can identify some things that if I had control now I’d do a little differently.”

Superstar Showdown will pit players against each other in a competitive 3v3 environment. The mode is not too dissimilar from The Yard, but with some added improvements to really condense the action.

Superstar Career mode offers you the chance to live out your NFL dreams. Start from the combine and take your character to the Hall of Fame and the fabled 99 club as you become an NFL all-star.

With the Madden 24 Superstar Deep Dive now live, here’s a look at all the important details we can expect to find in the hit single player mode come the launch of the new game next week.

Madden 24 Superstar Showdown

Like The Yard, but better. Superstar Showdown will be a hyper-competitive space for players to challenge their friends, online opponents, or the improved AI. Team up with randoms, friends, or AI in 3v3 matches and express yourself on the field.

“The Yard had some things that we wanted to keep, and some things that we can improve upon. That evolved into [Superstar] Showdown. Because it’s still year one, we couldn’t check every box that we wanted to,” explained Etheridge. “It’s super important this year for us to get the foundation right. We want to make sure that the different builds play completely different.”

One of the new twists on the 3v3 gameplay is that gets you in and out of the action faster. In other words, there’s no play-call screen, no first downs and comes with a ‘First to 21’ scoring format, making games not only shorter but also more exciting.

Madden 24 Superstar Showdown will also be home to player grading, but it will be designed to fit the style of the mode, ensuring that your rewards match the specific on-field mechanics of all the different Superstar ways to play.

For those into Ranked, there will be a Solo and Squad Showdown Ranked feature, allowing you to unlock exclusive gear and boosts. Lastly, new events will be available in Showdown, catering new experiences and different game rules all year long.

Madden 24 Superstar Career

In Madden 24 Superstar career mode, you will start from the very beginning. Thanks to the addition of mini games to Madden 24, EA has recreated the NFL Combine to begin your journey.

“The cool thing about this new mini game tool is it allows us to build mini games in a variety of ways,” explained Etherge. “Obviously, we have mini games on the homescreen, we have them in franchise mode, and we have them in superstar as well, but it also allowed us to build the NFL Combine. So the stuff that we see our favourite players do in real life, the 40 yard dash, the 225 bench press reps, the shuttle rep, all that stuff we were able to create and this is where you’re gonna start your NFL career.”

Your performance in the combine will impact your players’ rating in certain attributes and where you land in Draft, so you will want to do well. One key area of note is that EA has made a specific focus on rewarding good play, even if you don’t make a stat-worthy action. For example, if you make good coverage and it ends up with an incomplete pass for the opposition you will be acknowledged for doing so. This will be reflected in your match grade.

The combine will also include interviews with legends of the game, and some cinematic narrative too to create that immersion. Here, you will have the chance to answer timed, football-themed trivia questions that will also determine your actual draft position. The more questions answered correctly, the higher your draft stock will raise.

Once you complete the NFL Combine and Combine Interviews, the next step is the Draft, where a team will select you based on their biggest need of your position. However, if you want to select your team, there’s also an override setting in the initial League set-up that will grant you the chance to choose any team you’d like if you want to skip the draft process.

On Field Performance & Missions

As soon as you sign your rookie contract, every game, practice, and rep you complete will matter and shape your future. This year, Madden 24 is introducing a new in-game Player Grading system, exclusive to Superstar that provides feedback on your performance as you play. The grades you receive each drive will determine the amount of your rewards to increase ratings and equip abilities.

In addition, players will also have the chance to immerse into a quest log to decide which objectives they want to focus on and which rewards they want to pursue. These objectives will include game goals, season objectives, career milestones, and even a few other off-the-field surprises you’ll discover as you go deeper into your career.

Side Activities & Mini Games

One thing that Madden 24 is bringing back from Face of the Franchise is being able to participate in side activities, coming with a weekly calendar of opportunities to boost you or your team’s ratings. These include Community Events, training, rest and recovery, and Mini-Games.

With the return of Mini Games, you will have the option to practice and boost your ratings by playing position-relevant mini-games such as Rushing Attack, Passing Skeleton and WR/DB Battle, allowing you to refine your game and elevate your player to new heights.

Social Media Reactions

In Madden 24 Superstar Mode, you will have a social media feed, similarly to what you had in Franchise Mode. In this social media feed, reactions will be oriented around your player. So you will see reactions about how you played in your last game, your stats, critiques about the decisions you’re making off the field, and other league news from a host of NFL insiders.

The Social Media feed is also where the new MaddenCast will appear. The MaddenCast is a new live-action video podcast bringing unique commentary about you as a player, hosted by NFL Legends Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder. No matter if you’re playing great or not, these analysts will keep it real about what’s going on in your career, and you will get to witness their transparency firsthand in the social media feed.


As mentioned above, you will receive real-time feedback during matches in career mode. The better you play, the more XP you will earn, the faster you will improve your character. Pretty simple. There are more ways to develop your player though, and your progression can be transfer across game modes. All the XP and progress you make in career will transfer to your player in Superstar Showdown.

This works both ways too! If you have grinded through some hours in showdown mode, your progression will translate into career. This means you will blow the competition out of the water at the NFL combine as your player will be rated much higher than the rest.

Another important detail to make note of, is that your avatar’s body type will impact both the physical ratings and your position-specific ratings. This means that how you choose to build your player, will factor in heavy with how their ratings will be.

In addition, Madden 24 is introducing for the first time what they call a ‘Tiered Ability system’, which ties ratings into on-field actions and stats while rewarding you with higher tiers of abilities as soon as you increase both your ratings and successful reps on the field. The best part about this feature is that you can mix and match abilities of different tiers to customise and experiment with all the types of builds available.

Madden 24 Superstar Mode FAQ

What is Madden superstar mode?

Madden superstar mode lets you take control of your own player, living out the career of them and trying to reach the 99 club.

What did Madden get rid of superstar mode?

Superstar mode was last seen in Madden NFL 25 (2013), however Madden 24 (2023) will see its return.