Madden 24 game modes and more

Madden 24 game modes and more
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Looking to find out about the Madden 24 game modes? Then you have come to the right place. Last season’s game produced mixed reviews as Ultimate Team dominated proceedings while other modes fell by the wayside. Glitches and bugs hampered the offline modes such as Face of the Franchise and Franchise Mode in Madden 23, leaving fan anxious ahead of this year’s offering. The good news is that this year you can expect smarter AI as well as the return of tried and tested mechanics such as real-time player grading.

This year, many of the same game modes have been brought back. There are edits and adjustments as always, but fans who wanted to play a certain game mode again with new rosters will more than likely have the chance to do just that. Here’s what’s in Madden 24.

Madden 24 game modes

All your favorite game modes are back this year, although Face of the Franchise has had a revamp and become the new Superstar mode. Ultimate Team and Franchise mode will remain mostly the same, but both have received some exciting new features this year. Elsewhere, there is more realistic player movement thanks to EA’s SAPIEN technology, which we touch on later, but is only available for current-gen versions of the game.

Last-gen owners will also miss out on improved FieldSense – which affects everything from Skill-based passing to defence. As per EA’s official website on the game, “Hit Everything expands with new contested-catch tackle types, wraps, and scoops for more control and variety on defense. Skill-Based Passing is improved with an overhauled catching system that makes receiving smoother, more authentic, and allows receivers to maintain speed and momentum when catching the ball in stride.”

Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team is proving to be bigger and better than ever in Madden 24. A total of seven seasons will feature throughout the year, keeping the content fresh within the mode. We are currently awaiting the start of Season 3 pretty soon. Our deep dive on Madden 24 Ultimate Team explained more of the details for what’s new in the game.

Franchise mode

There are loads of new features in Franchise mode this season, and the return of mini-games is just the tip of the iceberg. A revamp to trades (with three bonus slots for trading) and CPU-generated offers makes assembling your roster more realistic than ever before. EA’s Madden 24 Franchise mode deep dive showcased all the changes to the mode for this year. There are also developments to the game mode that offer tons of new relocation options too, including new cities, uniforms, and helmets.

Superstar mode

Replacing Face of the Franchise this season is Superstar mode. Included as part of Superstar is the new Superstar Showdown, which has effectively replaced The Yard. Challenge your friends or AI in this fast-paced 3v3 mode and improve your avatar. Each upgrade will translate into Madden 24 Superstar mode. Superstar also allows you to control a single player that you create, train and upgrade. You can get drafted and become a starter for any NFL team at one of six positions.

New Features

The gameplay in Madden 24 has been a main focus for EA to allow for more realistic player action and authentic defensive reactions. Improvements have been mode on both offense and defense to give players greater control over their plays. AI enhancements will also make it much harder to break down great defenses in Madden 24, adding to the realism of the game. Add to the mix new throw animations aand a load of other features, and these really start to move the needle compared to last year’s game.

SAPIEN technology has also been introduced for the first time. This gives the in-game superstars are proper skeletal structure, meaning that their movements, body shape, and positioning will be hyper realistic. According to EA, the “All-new character technology transforms the way players look and move with realistically redesigned player models and smoother animations”. Note, this is only available for current-gen consoles and PC, so those playing on PS4 will not get this technology.

Madden 24 release date

The official Madden 24 release date was August 18, 2023. However, there was a period of Early Access for a few days, but by now, all players have the same access now. Considering all the pressure Madden 24 was facing this year, it was a huge relief for fans to see the release date fall on the third week of August, reassuring anyone who might have been anxious about a delay.

To say that EA is facing a ton of pressure with curating one of the best Madden video games in series’ history is an understatement. Fans certainly still have complaints, but EA is working on making this title an improvement on the last all the time.

Madden 24 cover athlete

Becoming the cover athlete for Madden NFL is a prestigious award. Only the best players in the NFL are selected to become the poster boy for the franchise, and it changes on a yearly basis. This year’s cover athlete is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Take a look at the Madden 24 cover art.

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Madden 24 platforms

One of the biggest new features coming to the game this year is Madden 24 crossplay. Connecting players across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC cross-play will enable greater competition and social opportunities for fans of the game. The confirmed Madden 24 platforms are PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. Dual entitlement will be available for PS4 and Xbox One users. Madden 24 will not be available for Nintendo Switch.

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