Madden 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive and more

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive and more
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One of the biggest modes in EA Sports’ newest football game is that of Madden 24 Ultimate Team. Following a massive Franchise Mode data save error crisis and yet another disappointing Face of the Franchise experience in Madden 23, EA leaned heavily on the success of its Ultimate Team mode. And even under all that pressure, Madden 23 still delivered a diverse and engaging Ultimate Team experience that was also home to the very first MUT Practice mode.

But with Madden 23 losing its relevancy by the day, the attention among the community has shifted towards the Madden 24 release date and the Ultimate Team experience the new game will cater this year. And with Madden 24 sharing a handful of its reveals throughout the course of July, including its new player ratings and Franchise Mode Deep Dive, EA is back with more, officially revealing its Madden 24 MUT Deep Dive earlier today and there’s plenty to unpack.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive details

The Madden 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive is home to a variety of big changes. After a successful closed beta period that led EA to receive loads of feedback to work with, Ultimate Team in Madden 24 will have a refreshing feel to it, hammering home several adjustments fans have lamented about for some time.

This year, Madden 24 will feature not only multiple new programs in Ultimate Team, but will also have a total of seven full seasons, which will cater a variety of new content drops well after the Super Bowl. In addition, for those that are brand-new to Ultimate Team, Madden 24 will have a revamped onboarding tutorial that will shed light on the important aspects you need to know about before playing the mode.

But what else can fans expect? Here’s a look at the key takeaways from the Madden 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive, per the EA Sports Team.

Live Event Hub

When it came to UI experience last year in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, it wasn’t easy for many newcomers to get an idea of where everything was located, from new players, programs, and challenges. This year, however, Madden 24 Ultimate Team will have a ‘Live Events’ hub where fans will be able to locate everything they need to know about a given program in one place. So for example, solo challenges, sets, house rules, and store items from a given program, will all be accessible from the Live Events hub in Madden 24.

Moreover, the Live Events hub was also designed to filter all the content inside to only display items and details that are relevant to the program you selected. So for those that were after a more organized and structured UI experience, Madden 24 went a long way to deliver just that through their Live Events hub in Ultimate Team.

New Item Catalog

Collecting awesome player items is the name of the game in Ultimate Team. And this year, Madden 24 wanted to improve how players can locate all the unique items in the game as well as how they can secure them by introducing a menu tab called, the ‘Catalog’. In this hub, fans will be able to find every card in Ultimate Team, and upon searching for a certain item, will be able to learn where and how they can secure it.

Additional components you will be able to view for each item are the Player Item’s Abilities, AP Cost of Abilities, and the Global Usage. Being aware about what’s live and how to get your hands on it, is crucial in Ultimate Team. And this is a big upgrade considering MUT doesn’t always make things clear on their Twitter page.

Cross-Play & Economy Changes

Finally! Cross-play is coming to Madden 24, and will be available for next-generation platforms only in Ultimate Team. Despite this new addition being at the forefront of Madden’s economy changes across platform generations, it is by no means the only one EA has implemented. In fact, Madden 24 will be completely separating its generation economies in Ultimate Team seeing that it is no longer feasible to have one that’s shared among current and next generation users.

If you by any chance are carrying over Rookie Premiere Program players from a current-generation console to a next-generation console, you will still have those items available in either console, just as long as you’re using the same account you completed them on.

Competitive Pass

The Competitive Pass received a revamped overhaul in Madden 24, and this time it will run for the entire duration of each new season instead of refreshing bi-weekly. Although the focus will still be on Solo Battles, MUT Champs and H2H Season, Competitive Passes will keep things fresh by integrating specific daily, weekly, and season long objectives for fans to complete. Players will be able to complete daily and seasonal objectives across any of the three modes, and to top it off, each mode will receive their own weekly objectives.

But what makes the Competitive Pass special in Ultimate Team, is the exclusive player prizes you can unlock from it. Every new Competitive Pass will come with two exclusive player items, each will bare two versions – Limited and Base. The Base version of these players will serve similarly to that of an Account Bound (BND) item and will come with Champion level abilities. Whereas the Limited version will only be available for the first 1,000 players who are able to reach the corresponding level of that player reward. These Limited items will be auctionable and will have extra Champion level ability buckets.

MUT Champs Structure

For those that are all about competing among the best of the best in Madden, MUT Champs is for you – and this year in Madden 24, will not require a token for entry. MUT Champs will continue to run its weekly schedule and refresh every Friday, allowing fans to still have a week to progress through Champs objectives in the Competitive Pass. Doing so puts MUT Champs in line with the Competitive Pass, granting players the opportunity to maximize their progress and the rewards they can unlock.

In addition, Madden 24 is improving their Champion Set requirements, making these rewards more accessible by diminishing the demand for Heroes. In short, some of these Champion Sets will now only require any Non-BND players of a given overall. So for example, Headliners will be one of the first programs in Madden 24 Ultimate Team. But in order to unlock the Champions from the drop, it will require five of any 84-85 OVR players. The starting overall for Champions upon launch in Madden 24, will be that of 87 OVR.

Last but not least, the Madden Championship Series (MCS) is returning in Madden 24, announcing six new tournaments that includes a $1.7 million prize pool. All competitors who participate will be able to earn a Red Zone MUT pack for every MCS tournament they register and play at least one ladder game in. Moreover, MCS Twitch Drops will also be back in Madden 24, granting plenty of goodies for fans to get their hands on just for watching some competitive Madden play.

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