PSVR 2 Hub – all you need to know about PlayStation’s new VR headset

PSVR 2 Hub – all you need to know about PlayStation’s new VR headset
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PSVR 2 has arrived, bringing PlayStation 5 owners into the world of virtual reality with the latest – and potentially greatest? – VR headset to reach the market.

Of course, with the launch of the PSVR 2 – you may have many questions. So, please make yourself welcome to our hub – where we’ve collected all of our PSVR 2 content for you to gobble into your inquisitive brain.

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We’ve had our hands on the headset for a little bit now, so we’ve collated our info into several pages from our tech and games teams across

From Games to Hardware questions – we’ll try and cover as much as we can. Just scroll down, find the page you want and you’re away. Without further ado then, here’s a guide to everything we have on PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 Review, News, Where to Buy

PlayStation VR 2 Review

PSVR 2 Latest News, First Impressions

Where to buy PSVR 2 & expected retailers

Best PSVR 2 accessories – what should I get with the headset?

PSVR 2 release & shipping time estimate – will it arrive today?

PSVR Trade in Price

Is there a PSVR 2 pre-order bonus?

PSVR2 Games

PSVR 2 Games – every confirmed PlayStation VR 2 game so far

Can you play PS5 games with the PSVR 2?

Can PSVR 2 play PSVR games?

Is the PSVR 2 multiplayer?

Can you use a racing wheel with Gran Turismo 7 on PSVR 2?

PSVR 2 Tech Features and Comparisons

PSVR 2 Cinematic Mode – what can you do with this feature?

Does PSVR 2 support HDR?

Does PSVR 2 track eye motion?

What is PSVR 2 see-through mode and how does it work?

PSVR 2 vs PSVR – specs comparison and key differences

PSVR 2 vs Meta Quest Pro

PSVR 2 vs Pico 4 – which VR headset should you go for?

PSVR 2 vs HTC Vive XR Elite – which VR headset should you go for?

PSVR 2 How-to Guides

How to connect PSVR 2 to PS5

How to turn the PSVR 2 Sense controller on and off

How to charge the PSVR 2 Sense controllers?

How to sync PSVR 2 Sense controllers?

How to stop motion sickness on PSVR 2

How to clean PSVR 2?

How to screenshot and capture gameplay on PSVR 2

How to stream PSVR 2

How to share screen with another player on PSVR 2

My PSVR 2 controller is not working – how to fix?

PSVR 2 blurriness – how to fix


Does PSVR 2 come with headphones?

Can you wear over ear headphones on the PSVR 2?

Can you wear glasses with PSVR 2?

Is the DualSense Edge controller compatible with PSVR 2?

Are PSVR 2 controllers compatible with PS4 and PSVR?

Can you use your PSVR controllers on PSVR 2?

Do you need a TV for PSVR 2?

Can PSVR 2 be used as a screen?

Can the PSVR 2 be used on PC?

We’ll add to this hub as more pages are added. The PSVR 2 is available now.

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