*UPDATED* PSVR 2 games – every confirmed PlayStation VR 2 game

*UPDATED* PSVR 2 games – every confirmed PlayStation VR 2 game
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Aaand we have a release date! The PSVR 2 is set to launch February 22nd next year. Lots of PSVR 2 titles have already been announced like Horizon: Call of the Mountain and a remake of Resident Evil 4, but with the official release date now here, Sony has also announced 13 new games to the roster.

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As part of Sony’s CES 2022 showcase, it was revealed that Gran Turismo 7 will have PSVR 2 support added. Additionally, Beat Saber will be playable on the upcoming virtual reality system, which is set to be released soon.

Sony had also revealed more upcoming titles through a customary blog post, which included Another Fisherman’s Tale, Hellsweeper VR, Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending, and many more. They also mentioned that there are now more than 40 titles available with PS VR2 at launch.

UPDATE: A new batch of PSVR 2 titles have been published as part of the February 2023 PlayStation State of Play. Most of the new entries include a variety of titles from different genres such as The Foglands, Synapse, Journey to Foundation, and Before Your Eyes.

PSVR 2 games confirmed

Horizon: Call of Mountain

This isn’t your typical elementary VR experience. Nay, developers at Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Studios guarantee a fleshed out 7-hour long campaign to rival any non-VR counterpart. With lots of additional content, the VR debut of the Horizon series is one to look out for.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Another healthy addition to the seemingly endless expansion of Star Wars lore, Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge tells its story from the small-fry perspective. As a droid repair technician operating in the Outer Rim, this run-and-gun title will be available outside the Meta Quest / Oculus ecosystem for the first time since 2020.

Resident Evil Village

Put yourself in the shoes of Ethan Winters as you immerse yourself in the horrifying world of Resident Evil Village. Capcom and PlayStation have both confirmed that the game’s VR mode will be releasing on February 22, 2023. So get your PSVR 2 ready for this terrifying tale from this storied franchise.

New PSVR 2 games announced November 2022

The Dark Picture: Switchback VR by Supermassive Games

From the revival of the Doom franchise, to new titles such as Scorn, through to the announcement of these new PSVR 2 titles, the horror shooter has become a household name for high-octane thrill seeking gamers.

The Dark Picture: Switchback VR is no exception. There are games you might describe as a roller-coaster, but very few that actually are. This fast-paced game buckles you in to a high stakes nightmare in which one wrong move could spell certain death. This roller-coaster action-shooter is supremely heightened by the PlayStation VR2’s features, gripping you at the very front of the ride and keeping you there.

While we’re still anticipating the release of The Dark Picture: Switchback VR on PSVR 2, here’s some older titles for you to check out:

Crossfire: Sierra Squad by Smilegate

Just as VR technology advances, so do the enemies! Crossfire: Sierra Squad promises an endless stream of high-intelligence AI that you, the leader of an crack team of special-forces operatives in the midst of a biochemical war, must mow down! These AI have been specifically designed by developers at Smilegate to go above and beyond what you’d expect from your run-of-the-mill NPC. They are faster, stronger, and most importantly, smarter.

Expect VR adaptive features, 39 types of weapons (pistols, assault rifles, shotguns etc.), 60 campaign missions and several game modes to throw yourself into.

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The Light Brigade by Funktronic Labs

A grungy single-player shooter set in desolate world with moody gun-slinging gameplay to match. You – the player – are the final bastion of light against the darkness. You must battle your way through a multitude of dense and highly immersive scenes to hold back the relentless surge of shadows. Travel through graveyards, forests and mountains to meticulously hunt down the evil forces that seek to destroy you.

Unlock new weapons and light magic as you claw your way up the ranks of the Light Brigade, bringing with you the vengeance of a lost humanity. The pairing of magic and fantastical landscape with the PSVR 2’s affordances for hyper-realistic gunplay and in-world physics makes for a surreal, action-packed joyride!

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Cities VR – Enhanced Edition by Fast Travel Games

The new dimension that VR brings to gaming means a new dimension to some already beloved franchises! Cities VR – Enhanced Edition promises just that. As an adaptation of city-builder Cities: Skylines, the PSVR 2 counterpart offers the fun and satisfying management of your world and more.

Fast Travel Games promises a smooth and user-friendly gaming experience with an emphasis on the player’s freedom to make their own decisions and attract their own citizens. We can’t wait to see the worlds that players will create.

Cosmonious High by Owlchemy Labs

From the brilliant minds who brought you Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, Cosmonious High is a new single player title that offers crazy and colourful fun with a wonderful sense of humour.

It looks as though Owlchemy Labs has thought of everything when bringing this to the PSVR 2, making use of all the latest bells and whistles. These include never before felt feedback from the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers and a genius usage of the eye tracking software in the headset, ensuring you can take in everything from the largest game Owlchemy Labs has ever built!

Play as a Prismi, an alien species that can adapt to its environment, so expect puzzles, riddles, and cerebral gameplay. It rests upon your shoulders, player, to solve the mystery malfunctions at Cosmonious High.

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Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue by tinyBuild Games

It’s all well and good evading the capture of a persistent neighbour through the computer screen, but let’s see how you fair when you’re quite literally face-to-face with this moustached antagonist.

In Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue, you’ll return to the familiarly creepy setting of Mr Peterson’s house, only now with the added tension that VR gameplay brings, and of course, with new twists, turns and wrong endings to find yourself going down.

Use your own wit and stealth skills, combined with new and existing abilities to solve puzzles, all whilst staying out of sight of Mr Peterson.

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Jurassic World Aftermath Collection by Coatsink

As if we haven’t played god enough, the team behind Jurassic World Aftermath Collection at Coatsink bring dinosaurs closer than ever before. This rework of the popular two part survival game is adapted for the PSVR 2 in this new collection.

Players a thrown head first (or should I say, plane first) into the familiar and nostalgic land of Isla Nublar, and with Jeff Goldblum reprising his role as Dr Ian Malcolm and Laura Bailey as leading narrator, we expect this to be quite the trip for fans of the original movies.

Survive hoards of vicious dinosaurs in an abandoned research facility in stunning 4K at 90 FPS, and use that 3D audio headset to really feel those velociraptors breathing down your neck. Happy days!

Pistol Whip VR by Cloudhead Games

Become a heroic badass as you blast your way through Pistol Whip VR’s dreamlike landscape, all while keeping in time. Fans of the original award-winning game can expect an awesome soundtrack to serve as the background to your path of destruction through cinematic John Wick style scenarios.

Using all of the PSVR 2’s new software and tech to their advantage, Cloudhead Games have made Pistol Whip VR their most immersive, sensitive and response instalment to date.

Zenith: The Last City by Ramen VR

Here’s the newest look at what Zenith: The Last City can offer, and simply put, it’s a whole lot more! Hundreds of hours of new gameplay content, mixed with faster loading screens and vast graphics updates, and strategically leveraged PSVR 2 features all tied up with a little bow.

A brand new storyline, brand new characters and a expansive new world to explore make Zenith: The Last City a perfect game for newcomers. Paired with the immersive technology that will become familiar to players after the PSVR 2’s release, this game is shaping up to be an amazing title.

After The Fall by Vertigo Games

The craftiness of other survival horrors like the The Last of Us with the added co-op and immersive VR elements. After The Fall is set, well, just there, after the fall of society as we know it. Mutants have overrun the apocalyptic wasteland, and it’s yours or up to 32 players’ jobs to keep them at bay. Alternatively, have a go at braving the city single-handed and even use your skills to take down intimidating bosses.

After The Fall has that unique ability to trigger your real life senses. With a colossal 110° field of view in 4K HDR with the helping hand of the PSVR 2’s detailed vibration settings on the headset and controllers, fight or flight is sure to kick in.

Cross-platform multiplayer and brand new updates in matchmaking since the announcement in December 2021 has opened new doors and built new bridges for you and your fellow players to kick mutant ass with your friends.

Tentacular by Firepunchd Games UG

When giant tentacled monsters comes to mind, some might think Cthulhu, but that’s just not always the case. In Tentacular, you play as a giant kind-hearted monster trying it’s very hardest to fit in with the world around it. It ain’t always easy for enormous sea beasts!

Raised amongst the native human dwellers of the remote island La Kalma, you will solve your way through inventive physics-based puzzles with your many appendages. Taking advantage of new PSVR 2 eye tracking software, you can interact with individual islanders, taking them up on quests and tasks. This game is sure to play with scale very well.

When will more PSVR 2 games be released?

Whilst it’s all speculative when the next batch of PSVR 2 games will be announced, the fact that these 11 games followed the hype of the release date for the PSVR 2 could potentially see newer titles being added to the roster sooner than you think. Perhaps in the midst of Black Friday sales, or on the run-up to Christmas; the future is uncertain. One thing’s for sure, we’re very excited!

PSVR 2 Games FAQs

Can I play PSVR 2 games on my Meta Quest 2?

The short answer is no. However, whilst there’s no official support between the Quest 2 headset and PlayStation, there are some external options. For instance, you can install something called Sidequest onto your PC. In order for PS Remote Play to work on you’re Quest 2 headset, you’ll need an APK file.

What games can the Meta Quest 2 and PSVR play together?

There is no definitive list, so your best bet is to look out for games for these platforms that offer ‘Crossplay’ between the two. For shooters, you might want to check out are Alvo by Mardonpol Inc. For your more ambient and relaxed gamer, perhaps look at No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. As for strategy games, Star Trek: Bridge Crew by Ubisoft is also available.

What PSVR games require 2 move controllers?

You do not need PS Move controllers in order for the PSVR to function. However, as titles become more immersive, it’s more than likely that in order to have a fulfilling experience with the PSVR, both hands will need to be calibrated with two PS Move controllers in order to track both hands movement.

Can two people play the PSVR 2 at the same time?

Unfortunately, only a single headset can be connected to the PlayStation. For now, no VR games for the PlayStation will allow multiple players to simultaneously use VR on the same unit.

Will PSVR 2 need a camera?

No external cameras are needed for the PSVR 2 to operate. There are in fact four embedded cameras within the headset which function as the indicators of your eye movement and directional movement that are translated in-game.