Can you use your PSVR controllers on PSVR 2? – in short, no

Can you use your PSVR controllers on PSVR 2? – in short, no
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You might be wondering – can you use your PSVR controller on PSVR 2? The answer is no and we’re going to have a look at why.

While the lack of forward compatibility for tech devices can be frustrating, it can also make a lot of sense. It is not just to force people to shell out on more expensive kit but is instead a part of what allows PSVR 2 to be such a big step forwards in virtual reality technology.

If PlayStation had created PSVR 2 to be fully backwards and forwards compatible, it would have had to limit the technological breakthroughs it could have made, bottlenecking it to the technology of PSVR which is now over 6 years old.

This explains the statement from the Senior Vice President at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hideaki Nishino, on the official PlayStation podcast. He said that the headset would not have backward compatibility so as to maintain a “next-generation VR experience.”

That experience has most certainly been achieved. As you can read in our PSVR 2 review, Sony has knocked it out the park with theadset, offering a new baseline for virtual reality.

Part of this experience is a swathe of new features such as adaptive trigger tension and a see-through mode. This also explains why the PSVR 2 controllers are not compatible with PSVR.

What controllers can you use on the PSVR 2?

The PSVR 2 is designed and built around the exact features of the PSVR 2 controller. For example, it relies on a tracking ring that lies across the bottom of the PlayStation VR 2 Sense controllers. This means that no other device will have native compatibility with the headset.

There are other features too, that only work by the headset and controller both being fully compatible. For example, the VR 2 Sense controllers have adaptive triggers, which can give active pushback when pressing down to create a more realistic and responsive experience.

These new features and technologies are making us all the more excited for the upcoming release and potential launch bundles for the headset. If you are too you can find out where to buy the PSVR 2 here.

Frequently asked questions

Will PSVR 2 come with controllers?

Yes, you get a set of VR 2 Sense controllers when you purchase the PSVR 2. In fact, at least for now, you won’t be able to buy the controllers separately.

Will PSVR 2 have finger tracking?

No, PSVR 2 will not have finger tracking, though it does have touch detection, which can sense when you rest your finger on a button.