What is PSVR 2 see-through mode and how does it work?

What is PSVR 2 see-through mode and how does it work?
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If you’re wondering what PSVR 2 see-through mode is, we’ll walk you through that and how exactly it works.

Our PSVR 2 review is finally here, and we’ve been having bags of fun playing around with the headset. Sony have thankfully provided us with a well-documented FAQ – so answering these questions isn’t too difficult.

See-through mode, as we expected, is aptly included in the documentation. In light of that, we can adequately answer what this function does, and how it works.

What is PSVR 2 see-through mode?

An image displaying the PSVR 2 see through mode. A greyed out image has grids around it.

The see-through mode allows gamers to see outside of the headset without ever taking it off. If anyone’s tried out VR before, then they know just disorienting it can be to use headsets and not be able to see your surroundings.

It’s made even more difficult when you’re having to content with your friends and family trying to play tricks on you by tripping you up or putting a hot dog bun in your pocket, which is where PSVR see-through mode comes in handy.

A close up of the PSVR 2's cameras

See-through mode uses the cameras on the outside of the PSVR 2 to generate an image of your surroundings, place you in it, and then highlights areas of your surroundings.

Switching between see-through mode is as easy as pressing a button on the headset or through the quick-settings menu via software.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on the PSVR 2 – so expect much more content coming this way! In the meantime, you might consider checking out how the PSVR 2 stacks up against the Meta Quest Pro and Pico VR. Make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest updates on Sony’s latest headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does see-through mode display on-screen?

We haven’t yet gotten around to testing out this feature, though we imagine that it does.

Can you record with PSVR 2 see-through mode?

No – this isn’t a feature, perhaps due to concerns of safety.