Can PSVR 2 play PSVR games? Unfortunately, no.

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If you’re wondering if the PSVR 2 can play PSVR games – we’ve gone over the relevant information here.

To answer the question bluntly – you can’t play PSVR games on PSVR 2. This was confirmed by Hideaki Nishino in the official PlayStation podcast, after he confirmed that the headset won’t be compatible with PSVR games or the PS4 in order to uphold the “next-generation VR experience.”

We’ve already tackled this in our discussions of the PSVR 2 controller compatibility, and while it might at first appear slightly irritating, realistically it’s to be expected. The PSVR launched in 2016, and it’s now 2023, so the differences in hardware are quite noticeable.

Of course, it’s not ideal for anyone who enjoyed their PSVR headset, as the games would surely be capable of running really well on PSVR 2 hardware, however the slight differences in features would probably hinder the immersive experience.

That experience is one Sony has worked hard on as well. As you can read in our PSVR 2 review, the headset is incredible and offers a new benchmark for VR gaming.

Will PSVR games be playable on PSVR 2?

Fortunately, PSVR 2 game developers could eventually choose to remaster / port their PSVR games to the latest headset. However, you would likely have to pay for them again, which isn’t ideal. Porting games to new hardware isn’t a cheap process, so whether or not you pay for these games is up to you.

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The other thing to consider is if Sony would ever consider adding in backwards compatibility features. Recently, they’ve flooded the PlayStation Store with services allowing you to play PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on your PS5, and it’s not something we’re really complaining about.

Hopefully, at some point, we could see the PSVR 2 receive the same treatment, and PSVR games become playable on the PSVR 2. However, until then, we can only hope.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest news regarding the PSVR 2 – including if it’s multiplayer and how to clean it. Make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest updates and information on Sony’s upcoming headset, which releases today. We’ve covered everything you need to know about the confirmed price and where to buy this headset.

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