Do you need a TV for PSVR 2?

Do you need a TV for PSVR 2?
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If you’re wondering if you need a TV for PSVR 2 – we’ve covered the basics here.

Now that it is the release date for the PSVR 2, we’re anticipating a huge buzz. We’ve already gone in-depth on whether or not you can use the controllers with the original PSVR. We’ve also got a detailed PSVR 2 review, a glowing one we might add.

The next most pressing matter for us is whether or not you need a TV for PSVR 2 – which is actually an important question.

The PSVR 2 is a VR headset, as you know, though you might not know whether a display is needed to set up the device. You will need a TV for the initial set-up of the VR headset, though after that you can then go ahead and power the TV off.

The PSVR 2 should then display all of the PS5 visuals through the headset, so long as it’s still connected, and you should be able to enjoy the immersive VR experience in a fully contained environment.

Of course, you can keep the TV turned on, giving anybody else in the room with you the ability to see what you’re also seeing through the headset.

Should you use a TV with PSVR 2?

The PSVR 2 releases today, once you’ve got your hands on one you can set it up and connect to your TV. Once that’s done, you could then turn on see-through mode, which allows you to see things in your real-life surroundings.

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You will also be able to play PS5 games through the headset, and you’re also likely going to be able to access things such as Netflix and Disney Plus, meaning that your PSVR 2 could essentially become your new TV. Either way, the PSVR 2 is stacked full of features meaning you won’t need to ever take it off.

You’re also never going to need a TV after you pick up the PSVR 2, to answer your question.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on the PSVR 2 and where to buy it – so if you have any more questions, make sure to hit us up. In the meantime, you might interested in reading PSVR 2 comparisons versus Meta Quest Pro, Vive XR Elite, and its predecessor the PSVR. Make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest updates on PSVR 2.