How To Evolve Every Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet And Violet – Special Evolutions Guide (2023)

How To Evolve Every Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet And Violet – Special Evolutions Guide (2023)
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How do you evolve every Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? There are plenty of special evolutions in the game that require you to go out of your way to evolve your creatures.

You may think that every Pokémon in the game simply needs to level up to evolve. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Some require friendship, some require special stones, and some need to know a specific move.

If you’re looking to amplify your Pokemon collection in Scarlet and Violet, you need to start evolving your Pokemon. We have prepared this guide to walk you through the entire Pokemon Evolution process, talking about the resources you need and the requirements you must fulfill.

How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Evolution gets more and more interesting with each generation of Pokemon games. The goal of the franchise is to make these evolutions feel like a part of the natural progression system of the game. Moreover, they also want players to feel motivated to actively participate in their Pokemon Evolution by scraping for special items and other requirements.

Therefore, a balance is required to integrate Pokemon Evolution naturally into the game while also encouraging players to seek out certain requirements to evolve their favorite Pokemon. To tackle this problem, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet divide Pokemon Evolution into two major categories:

  1. Normal Evolution of Pokemon as they level up.
  2. Special Evolution which requires certain items, quests, or conditions.

The normal Evolutions are pretty straightforward: as your Pokemon hits the level criteria, it evolves into its succeeding Pokemon. However, with special evolution, you’ll need to invest in a number of resources and ample time to reap any success.

All The Special Pokemon Evolution In Scarlet And Violet

The special Pokemon Evolution require players to meet very particular requirements to Evolve their Pokemon. A comprehensive list of all the Special Pokemon Evolution and their requirements is given below:

Evolution Stones Requirement For Evolution

The most frequent Evolution you’ll be doing is with the help of some special stones you can farm or find as rewards for completing quests. The stone type required for evolution depends on the Pokemon type. We’ve listed them below: 

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
EeveeFire StoneFlareon
GrowlitheFire StoneArcanine
CapsakidFire StoneScovillain
EeveeWater StoneVaporeon
ShellderWater StoneCloyster
PikachuThunder StoneRaichu
EeveeThunder StoneJolteon
MagnetonThunder StoneMagnezone
TadbulbThunder StoneBellibolt
EeveeLeaf StoneLeafeon
PetililSun StoneLilligant
SunkernSun StoneSunflora
EeveeIce StoneGlaceon
CetoddleIce StoneCetitan
CrabrawlerIce StoneCrabominable
JigglypuffMoon StoneWigglytuff
FloetteShiny StoneFlorges
MurkrowDusk StoneHonchkrow
MisdreavusDusk StoneMismagius
KirliaDawn StoneGallade
SnoruntDawn StoneFroslass
ClefairyMoon StoneClefable
VulpixFire StoneNinetails
PoliwhirlWater StonePoliwrath
NosepassThunder StoneProbopass
LampentDusk StoneChandelure

Specific Daytime Requirement For Evolution

Some Pokemon can only be Evolved at a specific time of the day, even if you meet every other requirement. Therefore, you need to ensure the in-game time period meets their Evolution requirements. We’ve listed the daytime requirements along with any other necessities needed to evolve certain Pokemon: 

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
SneaselRazor Claw + Level +NighttimeWeavile
EeveeFriendship + DaytimeEspeon
EeveeFriendship + NighttimeUmbreon
RioluFriendship + DaytimeLucario
HappinyOval Stone + Level + DaytimeChansey
YungoosLevel 20 + DaytimeGumshoos
RockruffLevel 25 + DaytimeMidday Form Lycanroc
RockruffLevel 25 + NighttimeMidnight Form Lycanroc
FomantisLevel 34 + DaytimeLurantis
Gligar Level + Razor Fang + NighttimeGliscor
GreavardLevel 30 + NighttimeHoundstone

Friendship Requirement For Evolution

Building your Friendship attribute is really important to bond with your Pokemon. Some Pokemon simply refuse to evolve unless and until you’ve built a Friendship bond with them. You can check your friendship with your Pokémon by visiting the friendship check in Cascarrafa. We’ve listed these high-maintenance Pokemons below: 

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
EeveeFriendship + Fairy-Type MoveSylveon
ChinglingFriendship + Level up + NighttimeChimecho

Other Special Items Requirement For Evolution

Various Pokemon require special items pertaining to their Evolution. These items can be collected by completing quests or through in-game trading. For example, you can get Auspicious Armor, for Charcadet’s Evolution into Armarouge, in Pokemon Scarlet by trading 10 Bronzor Fragments to an NPC.

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
SinisteaChipped PotPolteageist
SinisteaCracked PotPolteageist
PoltchageistUnremarkable TeacupSinistcha
PoltchageistMasterpiece TeacupSinistcha
ApplinSweet AppleAppletun
ApplinTart AppleFlapple
ApplinSyrupy AppleDipplin
CharcadetAuspicious ArmorArmarouge
CharcadetMalicious ArmorCeruledge
Gimmighoul999 Gimmighoul CoinsGholdengo

Special Move Requirement For Evolution

For some Pokemon, even if you meet the Level requirements to Evolve them, you still need to teach them a Special Move in order to make them eligible for an evolution. You can visit a Pokemon Center or use a TM machine to learn those moves.

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
EeveeFriendship + Fairy-Type MoveSylveon
GirafarigTwin Beam + Level 32Farigiraf
DunspaceHyper Drill + Level 32Dudunsparce
BonslyMimic + Level 16Sudowoodo
SteeneeStomp + Level 28Tsareena
YanmaLevel up + Ancient PowerYanmega
PiloswineLevel up + Ancient PowerMamoswine
AipomLevel up + Double HitAmbipom

Items Required To Be Held For Evolution

There are several Pokemon that can only be evolved if you equip a certain item with them. So, while the Pokemon is in your party, hold their required item and you’ll be able to commence their Evolution. We’ve listed such Pokemon and their item requirements below: 

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
SlowpokeKing’s Rock + TradeSlowking
ScytherMetal Coat + TradeScizor
SneaselRazor Claw + LevelWeavile
HappinyOval Stone + LevelChansey
BisharpLeader’s Crest + Defeating 3 Bisharp With ItKingambit

Gender Requirement For Evolution

Some Evolutions are only gender-specific. That means in order to evolve them, you have to find the correct gender type which has the evolution mechanism enabled. For Example, only a Female Snorunt can evolve into Froslass. We’ve listed such Pokemon and their required gender types below: 

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
KirliaMale Gender + Dawn StoneGallade
SnoruntFemale Gender + Dawn StoneFroslass
CombeeFemale Gender + Level 21Vespiquen
SalanditFemale Gender + Level 33Salazzle

Trading Requirement For Evolution

Trading to evolve Pokemon is an interesting phenomenon. There are certain Pokemon that can’t be evolved as long as they’re in your possession. However, once you Trade them with another Trainer, their evolution process gets triggered. After the evolution, the Pokemon can be traded back to the original Trainer.

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
SlowpokeTrade + King’s RockSlowking
ScytherTrade + Metal CoatScizor
PoliwhirlTrade + King’s RockPolitoad
DusclopsTrade + Reaper ClothDusknoir

Let’s Go To Evolve Walking Requirement For Evolution

There are certain Pokemon that can only be evolved after you walk a number of steps with them in the Let’s Go To Evolve mode with them. To do this, you have to make them the leader of your party and activate the Let’s Go To Evolve mode. Then, simply walk the required number of steps and your Pokemon will be evolved.

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
PawmoWalking 1,000 StepsPawmot
BramblinWalking 1,000 StepsBrambleghast
RellorWalking 1,000 StepsRabsca

Battle Condition Requirement For Evolution

Some Pokemon require you to complete a battle task with them for their evolution to take place. There are only two such Pokemon in the game currently and their battle requirements are listed below:

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
BisharpLeader’s Crest + Defeating 3 Bisharp With ItKingambit
PrimeapeUsing Rage Fist 20 TimesAnnihilape

Multiplayer Requirement For Evolution

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the multiplayer mode has also gotten involved in the evolution process of the Pokemon. You need to complete targeted multiplayer levels with certain Pokemon to evolve them to their superseding form. So far, only Finizen is the Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet that requires this special procedure.

Base PokemonRequirementsEvolved Pokemon
FinizenLevel 38 In MultiplayerPalafin

This wraps up our guide to the Evolution of Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. We have covered everything you need to know about regular and special Evolutions. Now, you can hop into your game and start fulfilling the requirements for Pokemon that you have been longing to Evolve and level up since the game’s launch. Keep visiting our page for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides!

How To Evolve Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet – FAQ

Does Pawno evolve?

Yes, Pawno evolves into Pawmot at level 18.

Are there any Pokemon that don’t evolve?

Yes, there are many such as Ditto, Tauros, Stonjourner, male Combee, and many more.

How do I evolve Steenee?

You need to level your Steenee to level 28, then let it learn the move stomp and level it up once more to level 29 and it will evolve into Tsareena.

How do I evolve Rockruff?

Rockruff needs to be at level 25 and evolved when the sun is setting.