How to Evolve Girafarig Into Farigiraf in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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There are a few Pokemon in the series that do not evolve and only have one stage when they are first released. However, every once in a while, brand new games will feature the evolution of existing Pokemon into new forms.

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Farigiraf is one of these new additions that can be found in the most recent game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and players are most likely curious how to evolve their Girafarig into one!

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How to Get Girafarig

Girafarig is quite an uncommon encounter. Being modeled after a giraffe, you’d expect to encounter Girafarig in large open fields. It can only be encountered around two areas in Paldea:

  1. West Province (Area Three)
  2. Area Zero

Because you are unable to access Area Zero until after you have completed the main portion of the game, there is only one other location in Paldea that you may go to in order to have a chance of running across Girafarig early on in your Pokemon adventure.

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If you are fortunate enough to encounter one, Girafarig can also be found in Tera Raid Battles. They can be fought and captured in 3 Star Raid Battles.

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How to Evolve Girafarig Into Farigiraf 

A Girafarig will evolve into a Farigiraf when it levels up while knowing the move Twin Beam. Girafarig will learn Twin Beam at level 32, meaning that in most cases, you will get a Farigiraf around level 33.

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It is also possible to capture a Farigiraf directly, but this option is only available after the game has been completed. Farigiraf are only found in Area Zero and in Tera Raid Battles of a higher difficulty, typically around the 4 Star or 6 Star levels.

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Comparing Stats Of Girafarig Evolutions

Both Girafarig and Farigiraf feature an intriguing combination of Normal and Psychic type. This typing is a highly good trade off because it gives up its resistance to Fighting type attacks in exchange for immunity to Ghost type assaults. This makes the typing a very desirable defensive combination.

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Both Girafarig and Farigiraf have access to a pool with some useful moves and abilities, including Psychic, Twin Beam, Nasty Plot, and Baton Pass. Because of these moves, they can function either as offensive or supportive members of your team.

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Farigiraf also possesses a unique ability called Armor Tail, which disables attacks made by enemies that have an increased priority. The move is simply canceled while Farigiraf and its allies are left unharmed.

Base Stats GirafarigFarigiraf
HP 70120
Sp. Attack90110
Sp. Defense6570

Final Thoughts

Girafarig is a decent Pokemon that has stats that are satisfactory for the most part. It is only going to get better after it evolves into Farigiraf because it will gain a significant amount of stats in both HP and Special Attack, which will allow it to both take and deal damage. Farigiraf’s unique ability, Armor Tail, may also become very useful in certain situations. 

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Now informed with these details, maybe you’ve been convinced to head to West Province (Area Three) to capture your own Girafarig! Looking for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides? You should take a look at our guides tab! 

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