How to Get Pawniard and How to Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Get Pawniard and How to Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pawniards’ evolution tree has finally been closed with the addition of the brand new Pokemon games: Scarlet and Violet. Bisharp is a Dark-Steel type Pokemon which was the first and only evolution of Pawniard. However, in the latest iteration of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can now evolve Bisharp into its second stage evolution, Kingambit, by going through a series of steps.

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What are these steps, and what’ll they cost you? Keep on reading as we go in-depth in exploring how to evolve your Bisharp into its second stage evolution! 

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How To Get Pawniard

Pawniard is located in mountainous regions between Artazon and Mesagoze, which is in South Province Area Three. You can also found him on the river banks

How To Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit

Evolving Bisharp involves acquiring the held item, Leaders Crest. This is a rare held item specific only to the Pawniard family and can only be found in particular locations. 

Afterward, you’ll want to give the Leaders Crest to your Bisharp and then use him to defeat three specific Bisharp in a Pokemon battle. However, you’ll have to wait until your Bisharp levels up to evolve into Kingambit.

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How To Get Leaders Crest

The Leaders Crest isn’t a difficult item to find if you know where to look. The first step is to find a Bisharp surrounded by a herd of Pawniard.

Bisharps can be found in the River, Rocky, and Bamboo biomes of the North Province and also have a slight chance of spawning at the River Biomes of the Greater Crater of Paldea. We recommend heading to the Northern Province first since it’s easier to get to, and you’ll have a much greater chance of running into angry Bisharps. 

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Once you find a Bisharp leading a group of four Pawniards, you can start a Pokemon battle with it to capture it or use a Thief to snatch its held item. You should note that a Bisharp surrounded by its’ is guaranteed to hold a Leaders Crest. 

How To Find And Capture A Bisharp

As we mentioned before, you can simply capture a Bisharp holding the Leaders Crest. However, if you want to evolve it from Pawniard to get better EVs or for any other reason, you can train your Pawniard up to level 52 to evolve it to Bisharp.

With that said, if you’re only looking to lock in the Dex entry for Kingambit, catching a leader Bisharp directly is going to be the speediest way to get one. 

Defeat Three Leader Bisharps

Once you’ve given your Bisharp the Leaders Crest, you need to find three more Leader Bisharp in a Pokemon Battle before you can think of evolving your current one. Finding these Pokemon is easy once you’ve reached the correct biomes; just look out for herds of Pawniard, and you’ll probably run into a leader Bisharp as well.

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A Bisharp’s Steel-Dark typing makes it highly susceptible to Fighting-type moves. However, Bisharp doesn’t learn any Fighting moves on its own. If you’re struggling to defeat opposing Bisharps, you can weaken the enemy Bisharp with another one of your Pokemon and then finish it off with your own Bisharp. 

Another path you could take is learning Fighting moves through a TM. You can teach your own Bisharp Low-kick, Low Sweep, Brick Break, or Focus Blast to take down your mirror match easily. 

Evolving A Bishop into Kingambit

Once you’ve proven your worth by obtaining a Leaders Crest and defeating 3 Leader Bisharps, your Bisharp will evolve upon its next level up. This means the earliest you can obtain a Kingambit is at Level 53, so ensure you have the necessary gym badges beforehand!

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“Only a Bisharp that stands above all others in its vast army can evolve into Kingambit”

You can level up Bisharp by training it in battle or feeding it a rare candy to evolve it instantly. Make sure you get one for yourself since it’s much stronger than its pre-evolution. Here’s a comparison between the stats of a normal Bisharp and his evolved form, Kingambit: 

Base StatsBisharp Kingambit
Sp. Attack6060
Sp. Defense7085

Final Thoughts

Pawniard and its evolution family are the only Dark-Steel types in the Pokemon series till now. This unique typing is pretty strong, and Kingambit takes it a notch further with its incredible stats and insanely cool design. Let us know what other evolution guides you’d like to see for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! 

How to Get Pawniard and How to Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit In Scarlet and Violet FAQ

What level does Pawniard evolve at?

Pawniard evolves at level 52 into Bisharp

What does Pawniard evolve into?

Pawniard evolves into Bisharp and then Bisharp evolves into Kingambit