How to Evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

How to Evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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As you traverse the region, you may stumble upon a creature looking like an actual tumbleweed as he rolls around the desert. Yep, that’s Bramblin.

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Currently, there are 400 Pokémons in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to name and he is one of them. Not all Pokémons, though, share the same method of evolution, but Bramblin’s sure is as dry as a dust.

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Unlike for some, there are specific requirements you’ll have to meet to evolve Bramblin, including walking and rolling, if that works. It is a Special Evolution and exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so this might be confusing at first for some trainers. So with that, let’s touch some grass and learn how you can evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. 

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Where to find Bramblin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Surprisingly, the dual Grass/ghost type Pokémon, Bramblin is pretty easy to find and does not require going through any tedious puzzles or some sort. Simply head towards the Asado Desert or East Province Area Three. As mentioned, he resembles a tumbleweed being blown around in a lonely desert. It has tiny black eyes with narrow red pupils. 

How to Evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast

At first, trainers might be left clueless and wondering why their Bramblin isn’t evolving despite using candies and joining battles. This is because Bramblin’s evolution heavily relies on the game’s Let’s Go! mechanic. It’s rather a fun feature as it enables trainers to have their pocket monsters walking alongside them, and fight against Pokémons in the wild by autobattle. 

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At first glance, this might look easy but it can be mind-numbing. But fret not, as we’ll give you everything you need to keep in mind while evolving Bramblin.

The best place to evolve Bramblin is by placing yourself in a town or an area with zero chances of a wild Pokémon appearing. Otherwise, it will interrupt the process. You can either walk through a long pathway or in circles. But do make sure to avoid obstacles like walls or stairs to avoid your buddy from getting left behind. 

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Next, make sure Bramblin is the first Pokémon in your party and send them out using the ZR button. It is suggested not to use the R button as it will otherwise cause him to attack. 

The last thing you will want to happen is to bring them back into the Pokeball.

For the main part, walk continuously through your desired route until you reach 1,000 steps. Prevent yourself from walking too fast, as Bramblin may not be able to catch up, resulting in him placing himself automatically in the Pokeball again. Likewise, walking too slow will make your progress slower. In addition to that, simply opt for walking, as using Miraidon and Koraidon mount will end up with the same unfortunate result.  

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This will oblige you to walk for around 8 to 10 minutes to allow him to grow as he rolls across the ground. Unfortunately, there is no step counter or Pedometer from the Poketech that you can use at your disposal. Having that said, you can only count steps manually or walk for a longer time just to be safe.

Once done, level them up by one using the usual method, by using rare candies or by joining battles and it will then evolve to its new form — Brambleghast. 

Final thoughts

Congratulations! Now you got yourself a Brambleghast as a new addition to your team. Evolving Bramblin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet surely is a tedious task. But hey, if it did not work for you the first time around, perhaps the second time’s the charm. So, how’s your experience so far? Are you able to evolve Bramblin using this quick guide? Share it with us in the comments!