How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey and Blissey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey and Blissey in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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The first generation of Pokémon has been nostalgic for everyone. Seeing how they’ve changed and evolved has been an excellent experience for fans. One of the well-loved Pokémon of the generation was Chansey, which received an evolution and a pre-evolution.

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It is a fantastic Pokémon that you can use in various ways, mostly seen with nurse joy in the anime; Blissey can be an excellent addition to your team and might be a bit difficult to obtain, but don’t fret because we have you covered.

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How to Get Chansey

Chansey is more difficult to find than Happiny, and the most accessible place Chansey can be encountered is in the North Province Area Three. You can find it near the Fairy Crew Base, but you might also have to use a Ham Sandwich for this. Be careful; Chansey will run away if you go near them, so try to sneak up or throw a Pokéball from a distance to engage with it.

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How to Get Happiny

It is a common Pokémon that you can encounter in the South of Mesagoza city. Still, it might take some time to meet, so I would recommend using a Ham Sandwich to increase the chances of it.

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How to Get Blissey

Blissey is one of the most challenging Pokémon to find in the game and has a 1% chance to be encountered in the Flower Biomes; this can be either in the South or the North province. The more straightforward method would be to obtain a Happiny or a Chansey and evolve it.

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How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey

Evolving Happiny into Chansey is a reasonably easy task; give it the Oval Stone to hold and level it up during the day.

How to Evolve Chansey into Blissey

To evolve Chansey to Blissey, you must increase its friendship to level 220. This task might seem time-consuming, but there are a few ways around it; firstly, if you’re capturing a Happiny or a Chansey, catch it in a Luxury ball to increase friendship.

Then give the Soothe Bell Chansey since it helps a lot in increasing the friendship of a Pokémon. Use the auto-battle feature with the Soothe Bell given to Chansey, and then wait for the friendship to reach 220. After that, level up, and Chansey will evolve into a Blissey.

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To check your friendship level, go to Cascarrafa to find the Friendship Checker near the fountain in the middle with a Marill.

Where to find Oval Stone

You can only find it by exploring the wild areas, mainly the desert biomes or beaches. The most accessible locations for Oval Stones are; first would be in Levinicia town, near the Pokémon center. Turn left and keep going forward; you will find an Oval Stone near the vending machine under a tree. The second would be in the North Province Area two, west of the Pokémon Center.

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How to get Soothe Bell

You can buy it from Delibird Presents in Mesagoza City near the Artisan Bakery. It would help increase friendship levels of Chansey to help with its Evolution.

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Happiny, Chansey and Blissey Stats Comparison

Special Attack153575
Special Defence65105135

Final Thoughts

Now you have an amazingly caring Pokémon that works as excellent support, and it’s compassionate enough that if it sees any Pokémon injured or sad, it will rush to share happiness with them. It is a great defensive player for your team that you can use to deal consistent damage and use moves like Soft Boiled to get back into the game after receiving damage.

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It works great as a bulky damage-absorbing Pokémon, and with teleport, it helps Blissey pivot against special attackers. Blissey is an excellent Pokémon that can be a cute and wonderful addition to your team, which can also be fun to play with or observe.