How To Evolve Rellor Into Rabsca In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How To Evolve Rellor Into Rabsca In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Whether it be one of your cute little starters or any other Pokemon in your team, watching them evolve after an intense battle is always a delight. But then there are certain Pokemon like the stubborn Primeape, who won’t evolve unless it uses Rage Fist twenty times, or the dung beetle, Rellor, that won’t evolve no matter how many times you send it over to battle.

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As such, for some Pokemon, there are new evolution methods in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that are even trickier. In this guide, we’ll discuss all about evolving Rellor to his successor Rabsca. Though this will take some effort, we assure you that it’s going to be worth it! 

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How To Get Rellor

This is the Pokemon franchise’s very own version of a dung beetle. Though a pretty common spawn, this Pokemon has found itself a cozy abode in two specific locations in Paldea. These are the Asado Desert and the West Province (Area Two).

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Of the two locations, Asado Desert is the most convenient. Not only will you catch a Rellor in the mid-20s (levels) over here, but you’ll also encounter the Titan Pokemon, Great Tusk. This will help in your Path of Legends progression and will save you some precious time.

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How To Evolve Rellor Into Rabsca

There’s a catch to evolving Rellor into Rabsca, a dual-type Bug/Psychic Pokemon. This involves three steps: bringing Rellor out of its Pokeball, walking a thousand steps with it, and then leveling it up. These steps are listed and explained in detail below.

1. Bring Rellor Out Of Its Pokeball

The initial step is straightforward. Simply move Rellor to your active party if it isn’t already there and make it your lead Pokemon. After that, just bring Rellor out into the open world through the Let’s Go Mode; this can be done by pressing the R Button.  

To make your life easier for the next step, it’s recommended to pop out your Rellor either in a city or a town. This ensures that your progress for the next step isn’t hindered by any wild Pokemon battles.

2. Walk A Thousand Steps With Rellor

Now that Rellor’s out in the open world, this Pokemon will follow you anywhere you go, and this is essential for this step. Your Rellor will need to walk a thousand steps in order for it to be eligible for evolution. As a general rule, walking for about 5-7 minutes will be more than enough to cover the required steps. 

However, Rellor is slow, and it can easily lose track of you; thus, the Pokemon will come back to its Pokeball. If your Rellor comes back to its Pokeball before the required steps are completed, the step counter is reset and you need to walk the thousand steps from scratch. However, your best bet to avoid that is to hold the left stick lower than you usually do or walk in small circles, so it doesn’t get too far from you.

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3. Level Up Your Rellor

Now that you’ve got the thousand steps out of the way, all that’s left to do is level up your Rellor. To do that, you can either treat your Rellor to some XP Candies or a Rare Candy. Either way, you’ll increase your Rellor’s level by one point, but keep in mind that at the time you’re giving the candies, make sure it is still out and not in the Pokeball, as it will reset the steps.

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Once Rellor’s level increases, you’ll witness him evolve into Rabsca. While there’s not much of a difference in terms of design, you’ll see Rabsca floating upside down in the air and holding a pink, cloud-like ball over its head. 

Is Evolving Rellor Worth It?

Yes, evolving Rellor into Rabsca is absolutely worth it, as Rellor by itself doesn’t do much. With Rabsca, however, you not only receive the improved base stats that come with the evolution, but you also gain access to the Revival Blessing move. This move allows you to revive a fainted Pokemon in your party and also restores its HP by 50%!

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The utility that Rasbca brings to the party can’t be taken lightly, making it your in-game healer. Furthermore, as a dual-type Bug/Psychic Pokemon, Rabsca also has access to the strongest Psychic move, called Psychic. Given that this Pokemon relies on its Special Attack stat, it’s even better for a move like Psychic.

Have a look at this table that displays the base stats comparison of Rellor and Rabsca:

Base StatRellorRabsca
Sp. Attack31115
Sp. Defense58100

Final Thoughts

Players are having quite a hard time evolving their Rellor, and it’s mostly because they’re not following the mentioned steps correctly. We hope that after giving this guide a thorough read, you can now evolve your Rellor easily. Looking for more helpful Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides? You should take a look at our guides tab! 

How To Evolve Rellor Into Rabsca In Scarlet And Violet FAQ

How do you evolve Rellor in Pokemon Scarlet?

You will have to use the ‘Let’s Go’ mode and have Rellor walk at least 1,000 steps with you.

How to get Rellor?

Rellor main habitat is at Asado Desert, which is near Cascarrafa, where the water gym leader is.