How to evolve Bagon into Shelgon and Salamence in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

How to evolve Bagon into Shelgon and Salamence in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Staff Updated on by

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One of the most excellent additions to the Pokémon roster from the solid Third Generation, Salamence is a great Pokémon that is still lauded by fans worldwide. This Dragon-Flying type Pokémon flies in the sky with joy since it finally sprouts the wings it dreamed of having when it evolved, allowing it to soar.

Salamence is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game but is one of the game-specific Pokémon that you can only obtain in the Violet version since Scarlet has Tyranitar. Here is how you can add this Pseudo Legendary Pokémon to your team.

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Where to find Salamence

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bagon

Salamence can’t be encountered in the wild and has to be evolved,  but don’t worry; you can find its Pre – Evolutions Bagon and Shelgon in the wild.


Bagon is commonly found in Cave and Mountain biomes and rarely in mines throughout the Paldea region. The best place to find Bagon would be the large caves, one of them being the cave near Alfornada in the South Province. Another would be the Eastern Provinces Area Three since caves are abundant in that region.

To spawn Bagon quickly, try the Picnic Table Method, which needs you to set up a picnic and immediately end it. This would reset the spawns near your location, and you can do it constantly until you spawn a Bagon.


A bit more challenging to encounter than Bagon, Shelgon can be found in the South Province Area Six, but it’s very rare. Another method that might be more feasible with Shelgon is participating in public raids. Shelgon occasionally appears as a raid boss in Terra raid battles, and you can catch it there after defeating it.

This Pokémon is only available in the Violet version, so players of Pokémon Scarlet will have to trade Pokémon with other trainers to receive Salamence. Still, players of Pokémon Scarlet are able to obtain a different type of Pokemon: the Roaring Moon Paradox Pokemon.

How to get Salamence

Evolving From Bagon

Bagon will evolve into a Shelgon at level 30, and to do that might take a while; you could always go the old-fashioned grinding route, but there are a few other ways. Completing Tera raid battles provides you with EXP candy; you can use that to level up your Pokémon quickly. Auto Battle features are convenient since they allow Bagon to engage in battles and quickly level up.

Evolving Shelgon to Salamence

Shelgon will evolve into Salamence at level 50, and you can use the methods mentioned above for this as well.

After reaching level 50, you will have the Dragon–Flying type Pokémon in your possession.

Items Required

There are no specific items required for the evolution or capture of Salamence.


Special Attack4060110
Special Defence305080

Final Thoughts

Now you have a Psuedo Legendary Pokémon that is a valuable addition to the team. Salamence can be paired with different moves based on its Tera Type to become either a sweeper or a mixed attacker. Jolly-natured Salamence is best used with Dragon Dance as a sweeper, and the Naïve natured Salamence is a great mixed attacker.

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