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How to Evolve Sinistea into Polteageist in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Evolve Sinistea Into Polteageist in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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Ghost-type Pokémon are always unique with deep lore behind them; Sinistea is one of the newest Ghost-type Pokémon that you can find in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Sinistea absorbs the life force of the people who try to drink it, and it doesn’t taste very good.

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Sinistea can be found in two forms, an Antique form and a Phony form representing the cup it takes as its host. Both evolve into Polteagiest whose disposition isn’t affected by the type of cup it inhabits, but its tea tastes terrific. Here’s how you can get this unique Pokémon for yourself.

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How to Find Sinistea

Sinistea is a common Pokémon that you can encounter quickly in the wild; the most common places for it to be found would be the South Province Area Six and the East Province Area Three. The chances for it to appear in the Ruins Biome is 60%, and Town Biome is 30% but get ready to catch a lot of them since there are two forms. You don’t need both to complete the Pokédex but you should get them both to catch them all.

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Phony Form

The majority of the Sinistea you will encounter will be Phony Form; they reside in forgeries of the original tea cups, and there is a 99% chance of encountering them.

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Antique Form

An antique Sinistea can only be recognized through a small blue stamp of authenticity underneath it, and there is a 1% chance of encountering this form.

The only way to tell if the Sinistea is in its Antique form is by panning the camera to look underneath it.

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How to Evolve Sinistea into Polteageist

The only way to evolve Sinistea into Polteageist is by using either the Cracked Pot or the Chipped Pot. The Cracked Pot is used on Phony Sinistea, and the Chipped one is used on the Antique form. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get an original Pokémon; it only means that your Pokémon resided in a knockoff cup.

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How to Get Cracked and Chipped Pot

These items randomly appear in the Auction House at Porto Marinada. Still, to access it, you must defeat the Cascaraffa Gym Leader. Once the Auction House is available for use, you will need to check the item’s availability and bid on them. NPCs will bid against you for items to be super to have some money on you. The items in the Auction House keep resetting every two hours in real-time, so you might have to wait a bit for your needed one, or you can always manually change the Date and Time of your Switch to speed up this process.

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Sinistea and Polteageist Stats

Special Attack74134
Special Defence54114

Final Thoughts

You finally have Polteageist on your team, a fun Ghost-type that can use its Cursed Body ability to be useful in combat. It can use a special move, “Teatime,” which is unique to Polteagiest and forces all the Pokémon in the field to use their berries; this can be a game-changer for double battles.

It usually relies mainly on Curse Body to impact its opponents, which might hinder its performance. Polteagiest is excellent to use, especially in double battles. Its rich lore and variation in aesthetic makes it a fun Pokémon to add to your roster, especially the Antique Form.

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