How to Evolve Primeape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Evolve Primeape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pokémon Red and Blue introduced a slew of beloved pocket monsters that are cherished by fans to this day; one of the impactful ones that became prosaic was Primeape. This time, Primeape has a new evolution that puts this Pokémon back on the map for a good reason. Annihlape is an extraordinary Pokémon that can be the powerhouse your Pokémon team needs.

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How To Get Annihilape

You can try your best, but you won’t be able to find Annihilape roaming in the Paldea region. What you can find are its pre-evolutions, Mankey and Primeape.

How To Get Mankey

It’s one of the more common Pokémon that can be found in both versions of the game, in the South Province Areas one and five. You can also find it in the West Province’s area one, who you can find easily along these trails in the Grass or Mountain biomes.

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How To Get Primeape

Mankey’s evolution Primeape is also common in the wild and can be found in both games in the West Province’s area three and the North Provinces’ area one and two. Primeape is less likely to appear than Mankey but can be seen in the Bamboo, Rocky, and Forest biomes. 

How to Evolve Primeape into Annihilape in Pokemon Scarlet And Vioet

It was said the Primeape could not keep its rage contained, and this evolution makes perfect sense. To evolve Primeape into Annihilape, you need to use the move Rage Fist 20 times which it learns at level 35.

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If you have an over-leveled Primeape that doesn’t know Rage Fist, you can go into the summary of Primeape and help it remember the move from there. We recommend going to an under-leveled area where Primeape can easily one-shot them.

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The rage counter will reset if Primeape faints; it won’t increment if the move misses. Rage Fist has 10pp, so you will have to restore it, but after the Rage Fist counter reaches 20, level up, and you will have a Ghost Fighting type powerhouse; Annihilape.

Mankey, Primeape and Annihilape Stats Comparison

Special Attack356050
Special Defence457090