How to Evolve Azurill into Marill and Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Evolve Azurill into Marill and Azumarill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought along many returning Pokemon with it, with fan-favorites from all of the 8 regions before this, coming along to join you on your adventure across the plains, seas, and skies of Paldea. One such Pokemon is Azurill, and its two evolved forms: Marill and Azumarill.

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Hailed in the Fandom as one of the cutest Pokemon ever penned, it’s easy to see why fans are raring to catch and evolve this iconic line of Pokemon. This guide will give you all the information you need to capture and evolve your very own Azurill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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How To Evolve Azurill Into Marill And Azumarill

To evolve your Azurill into Marill, you’ll need to level it up with high Friendship. Next, your Marill can evolve into Azumarill as soon as it reaches level 18. That said, the first roadblock you’re going to face is capturing an Azurill in the first place. 

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How to Get Azurill In Scarlet And Violet

When leaving Cabo Poco, one of the first encounters that players may run against is Azurill.

On their way to Los Platos, trainers can locate Azurill in or near any bodies of water, such as rivers or ponds. 

Though, this is not the only place from where you can get your hands on an Azurill; in fact, it is actually quite abundant in the wild regions of Paldea. You can find Azurill in:

  • Los Platos – near any body of water
  • Mesagoza – along the river shore
  • South Province (Area One) – near any body of water
  • South Province (Area Two) – along the southern and northern river shores
  • East Province (Area Two) – along the southernmost river shore

You can find yourself an Azurill at many points along the game, so you probably won’t run into the problem of being too high level to capture an early game Pokemon with this little guy.

How To Evolve Azurill Into Marill

The method of evolving your Azurill into a Marill still hasn’t changed since the old games, so players with experience raising Azurills in the previous generations won’t find many problems throughout the process. To evolve your Azurill into a Marill, you are required to level it up with high Friendship. 

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How To Increase Friendship With Azurill

Different Pokemon games provide players with unique ways of raising their Friendship with their Pokemon, and in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you are given a number of methods, which we’ve listed below: 

  • Spend time with your Azurillusing the Let’s Go mechanic
  • Auto battle Pokemon in the wild using Azurill
  • Make Sandwiches for your Pokemon
  • Use Pokemon Wash to wash your Pokemon

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On top of these, you can also give your Azurill a Soothe Bell to increase the effectiveness of the above-mentioned methods. Moreover, the rate at which their Friendship increases can also be amped up if you decide to catch your Azurill using a Friend Ball.

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How To Evolve Marill Into Azumarill

Evolving your Marill into an Azumarill is more straightforward than this. Like most Pokemon, you evolve your Marill by raising its level. Your Marill will turn into its final form Azumarill at level 18 or above.

You can bring your Marill to this level by exploring and battling Pokemon in early areas of the game, such as Los Platos or Mesagoza. However, if you’re feeling particularly impatient, you can simply opt for the classic tried and tested method of using Rare Candies to speed up the process of having them evolve. Whichever way you choose, getting to level 18 won’t take too long.

Comparing the Stats of Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill

Azurill, as a Pokemon, is one that has garnered a fanbase based solely on how adorable it looks, and it’s not hard to see; it’s precious! But that would leave a lot of players in the predicament of wondering whether or not they should even invest in evolving their Azurill. To help those players make this decision, we have listed the base stats of all three forms here below: 

Base StatsAzurillMarillAzumarill
Sp. Attack202060
Sp. Defense405080

Simply comparing the base stats of the three Pokemon, it is easy to see the gulf in power between all three forms. So whether or not you want to keep an Azurill just for how cute it is, it is still a good idea to try and have an Azumarill in your team simply for the increase in raw strength it would bring.

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Final Thoughts

Azurill and its evolved forms are an icon in the Pokemon fandom, and it’s really not hard to see why. We hope this guide helped you navigate your way around training these Pokemon in the newest region of Paldea. Let us know what other guides you’d like to see about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the comments section below!