Spider-Man 2 full trophy list and how to unlock all achievements

Spider-Man 2 full trophy list and how to unlock all achievements
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If you want to fully clear a game, then getting the coveted Platinum trophy is the only way to do it, which is why we’re showing you the full Spider-Man 2 trophy list on PS5.

There are a total of 42 trophies in Spider-Man 2, but the final platinum trophy unlocks after you complete every other achievement, so really you only have to clear 41 of them to earn it. With so much to do in Spider-Man 2, achievement hunting should be at the top of the list, and you don’t have to go too far out of your way to get them all.

For more Spider-Man 2, make sure you read our guides covering how to fast travel and all photo ops locations for Robbie Robertson. Now, on to the Spider-Man 2 full trophy list.

Spider-Man 2 trophy list: Spider-Man on a roof when unlocking a trophy

Spider-Man 2 trophy list

We’ve put together this handy table to lay out every single trophy and achievement in Spider-Man 2. Be warned, this table contains spoilers to the story since some trophies are directly related to story events.

If we have a guide up showing you how to get a specific trophy, we will link to it in the table below. Now, Let’s take a look at the Spider-Man 2 trophy list:

TrophyRarityHow to unlock
DedicatedPlatinumCollect all Trophies
SuperiorGold100% complete all districts
Heal the WorldGoldFinish the main story
To the MaxSilverPurchase all Gadget upgrades
Kitted OutSilverPurchase all available Suits
Behind the MasksSilverComplete Grand Finale
AmazingSilverReach max level
Data CollectorSilverComplete Target Identified
Crimson Hour SilverComplete It Was Meant for Me
ExterminatorSilverComplete all Symbiote Nests
Grains of SandSilverPiece together broken memories
Leave Us AloneSilverComplete Don’t Be Scared
The Great HuntSilverComplete Anything Can Be Broken
Seek and DestroySilverComplete all Hunter Bases
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManSilverComplete all FNSM requests
MedicineSilverComplete It Chose You
SurgeSilverUse Symbiote Abilities 25 times during Symbiote Surge
FoundationalSilverComplete all EMF Experiments
EvolvedSilverDefeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilities
Armed and DangerousSilverDefeat 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities
Another WayBronzeComplete No Escape
Fully LoadedBronzePurchase all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech upgrades
Brooklyn Pride BronzeComplete A Gift
My CommunityBronzeComplete Hard Bop
I QuitBronzeComplete This Isn’t You
Funky Wireless Protocols BronzeSolve the mystery of the Spider-Bots’ origin
StylishBronzeEquip a suit style
Slack LineBronzeStealth takedown 25 enemies in stealth from the Web Line
Hang TenBronzePerform 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground
OverdriveBronzeAs Miles, use Reverse Flux to pull 6 or more enemies together simultaneously
Home Run! BronzeRound the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium
Just Let GoBronzeAs Miles, find the science trophy Miles and Phin won together.
You Know What to DoBronzeAs Peter, visit Aunt May’s grave
SoarBronzeUsing only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria (Wind Tunnels are okay!)
SplatBronzeAttempt and fail a trick before ‘landing’ on the ground
A New AdventureBronzeHelp Howard
ResourcefulBronzeCollect a total of 10,000 Tech Parts
Co-SigningBronzeComplete all Tech Stashes
You’re Gonna Need Help BronzeComplete Surface Tension
New York, New YorkBronzeComplete all Photo Ops
AntidoteBronzeDefeat a Symbiote that is under the effect of Anti-Venom status
A New SuitBronzeAcquire the Black Suit

Hopefully, this helps you in your quest to collect all the trophies in Spider-Man 2. If you want more guides, make sure you read our pages covering where to find Aunt May’s grave and the location of Miles and Phin’s science trophy.