Spider-Man 2 – how to change difficulty

Spider-Man 2 – how to change difficulty
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Sometimes, a hero’s job is never easy and when you face such adversity, you may want to know how to change difficulty in Spider-Man 2. The good news is you can switch the difficulty over whenever you like, letting you comfortably tweak the experience as you go.

More than changing difficulty, there are other accessibility options we have explored in another guide that will let you customise the overall difficulty to your preference, either making it tougher or making the game easier to get through.

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Now, this is how to change the difficulty in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 difficulty - the screen glows red when on low HP.

How to change difficulty in Spider-Man 2

You can change the difficulty in Spider-Man 2 by opening up the Settings menu (Press Options) and then selecting the Gameplay tab. Within this tab, you will see several options for the Challenge Level, which you can adjust between Friendly, Amazing, Spectacular, and Ultimate. This option changes the general difficulty settings

  • Friendly: This setting is for players who want to enjoy the story
  • Amazing – This setting is for players who like a balanced combat experience.
  • Spectacular – This setting is for players who enjoy more difficult combat. Enemies will be stronger and more aggressive
  • Ultimate – This setting is for expert players who enjoy a brutally difficult experience.

Within this, you’re able to toggle individual experiences in-game and tweak several parameters regarding difficulty. For example, Enemy Health, Enemy Damage, Stealth Awareness, Simplify Puzzles, Dodge/Parry timing, Chase assist, Game Speed and Enhanced Auto-Aim can all be changed and customised to suit your playstyle.

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Finding what works

Since you can toggle so many different variables in the difficulty options, you can customise the game to suit how you want to play it. If you want to have tougher enemies with more HP, but you want them to deal less damage, you can do that! Dive into the settings and look for what you want.

Some specific options, such as the Enemy Health, Enemy Damage, and Stealth Awareness can all be toggled on a scale between Friendly to Ultimate, to give you a spread of difficulties and effectively let you mix and max the difficulty.

That’s all you need to know about how to change the difficulty in Spider-Man 2. For more, make sure you read our guides covering how to do tricks and how to recharge gadgets.