Spider-Man 2 best skills and skill trees explained

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Skills in Spider-Man 2 can be pretty overwhelming. With two different playable characters – each with their own skill tree – and a combined skill tree too, there’s quite a lot going on. Combat is far developed over the last game too – with abilities, gadget upgrades, suit tech and more all seeing changes over the first two instalments in the series.

If you don’t know where to start with what skills to invest points in – we’re going to go over everything you need to know so that you can get a head-start in levelling up your Spider-Man 2 characters.

Best skills for both Spider-Men in Spider-Man 2

A mesmerizing screenshot capturing the awe-inspiring best skills and skill trees in Spider-Man 2 videogame.
A mesmerizing screenshot capturing the awe-inspiring best skills and skill trees in Spider-Man 2 videogame.
  • Combo Resupply: Adds a chance for a free gadget shot at the end of a 4-hit melee combo
  • Wall Thrash: Rapidly press Square while an enemy is against a wall to unleash a powerful flurry of blows
  • KO Recharge: Abilities are partially recharged when performing KO’s, Finishers, and Stealth Takedowns
  • Corner Tether: While swinging, hold Circle and L-stick in the direction of a building to quickly sling around the corner
  • Parry Disarm: Successfully Parrying a light enemy’s attack causes them to drop any weapons they are holding

Best skills for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2

A screenshot of the Spider-Man 2 skill tree.
A screenshot of the Spider-Man 2 skill tree.
  • Spider Rush: Press L1 + Triangle to propel yourself forward, damaging enemies along your path.
  • Spider-Shock: Overload: Spider Shock now send out an overloaded power surge that chains to additional enemies.
  • Symbiote Yank: Press L1 + X to grab multiple enemies and pull them towards you.

Best skills for Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2

A screenshot showcasing Spider-Man 2's best skills.
A screenshot showcasing Spider-Man 2’s best skills.
  • Venom Jump: Press L1 + X to lift nearby enemies into the air and apply Venom Stun to them.
  • Venom Punch
  • Venom Smash: Jolt: Tap L1 + O a second time during a Venom Smash to launch enemies into the air.

These are what we consider the best skills in Spider-Man 2, across Miles Morales and Peter Parker. You’ll use these to take on enemies you might find dotted around the map, in Marko’s Memories, Symbiote nests and Hunter bases.

Spider-Man 2 skill trees explained

In Spider-Man 2, similar to the previous two games, your Spidey is going to have a skill-tree in which unlocking a skill permanently enables it in battle. There’s a range of passive abilities and combat abilities you can unlock, so let’s go over everything.

Firstly, there’s three different skill sheets. One is shared between Peter and Miles, and then there’s one dedicated to each of New York’s Spider-Men.

Shared skill tree in Spider-Man 2

The left most branch of the shared skill tree relates mainly to different techniques you can pull off in combat. For example, there’s going to be different combo attacks. The next branch along will be more web combat related, whereas the first was hand-to-hand.

The middle branch will be more focused on swinging and traversal. On the further-most right hand branch, it’s more focused on gadgets and technical abilities. Just to the left of it will be a skill branch focusing on abilities.

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