Spider-Man 2 “Just Let Go” science trophy location

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We’ll show you where to find the Miles and Phin science trophy in Spider-Man 2, which also gets you an achievement. Spider-Man 2 has a ton of callbacks to the previous game and almost every single one is an emotional gut punch.

If it wasn’t enough to be reminded of the emotional story between Miles and Phin from the Miles Morales game, finding this trophy is the final nail in the coffin of an emotional rollercoaster.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - A spider-man is standing on top of a building, searching for Miles and Phin's science trophy.

Spider-Man 2 science trophy location

To find the Miles and Phin science trophy in Spider-Man 2, make your way to the Financial District and locate the extremely large Trinity Church. This location, by the way, is where Miles and Phin would frequently meet, giving the location of the science trophy an extra meaningful impact.

Once at the church, climb the spire and you will see a glowing orb on the edge of the church, resting on a square platform. When you see it, go over to the object and interact with it, this will trigger some dialogue from Miles and you will earn the achievement Just Let Go. This sombre reminder of the previous game’s ending is perfect at illustrating how much Miles has grown throughout the games.

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The tears won’t stop

Miles and Peter both have tragic things happen to them on a near-daily basis. The relationship between Miles and Phin was the centrepoint of the Miles Morales game and this trophy serves as a reminder to those emotional events. Peter Parker can visit the grave of Aunt May and Uncle Ben, which should speak for itself as to how emotional that scene is.

If this is Miles Morales’ tear-jerker achievement – you will be able to find Peter Parker’s sad times moment by visiting Aunt May’s grave in Spider-Man 2, and we can show you the location for that. Sharing in the grief is caring, after all. With both of these, you will have unlocked two somewhat hidden achievements.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Miles and Phin’s science trophy in Spider-Man 2. If you want more guides, make sure you read our pages covering how to change difficulty and how to greet adoring (and indifferent) citizens in Spider-Man 2.

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