Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hunter Blind locations – how to complete

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hunter Blind locations – how to complete
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We’re going to be showing you all of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hunter Blind locations, alongside how to complete them.

You’ll find Hunter Blinds across the map in Spider-Man 2 after you begin to encounter Kraven’s warmongers for the first time. You’ll notice them by the invisible cloaking surrounding the ‘blind,’ which conceals their actions within. With four different types of blinds, each one is going to be slightly different. However, the premise is fairly similar. Hunters alongside Talon Drones and beasts will be inside, and you’re going to need to worm your way inside and hack their computer systems.

Spider-Man 2 Hunter Blind locations

A screen shot of a cyberpunk 2077 city map.
  • Harlem – 3 (Motorpool)
  • Upper West Side – 3 (Arsenal)
  • Financial District – 3 (Garden)
  • Downtown Brooklyn – 2 (Aviary)
A screenshot of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 city map highlighting Hunter Blind locations in the game.

Once you’ve completed all of the Hunter Blinds, you’re going to unlock the four Hunter Bases spread out through New York, letting you take out Kraven’s villains once and for all. Be warned, though. Hunter Bases are not easy to take down, so make sure you have kitted yourself out with the best skills, abilities, suit tech and gadget upgrades.

What are Hunter Blinds in Spider-Man 2?

You can either choose to stealth takedown all of the enemies inside, or you can use brute force in order to take them down. Be warned, there’s going to be a range of enemy types inside – grunts, brutes, drones and beasts. Thanks to the swathes of enemies you’re going to face in here, it’s one of the best places to try and get a 100 combo. Sometimes, you’ll also find boxes of Tech Parts and Rare Tech Parts.

Once you complete a Hunter Blind, you’re going to be able to remove Hunter Base cloaking from the map. This will reveal them to you, making it much easier to move onto wiping Kraven’s soldier’s from New York.

Types of Hunter Blinds in Spider-Man 2

  • Aviary Blind
  • Garden Blind
  • Arsenal Blind
  • Motorpool Blind

We hope this guide was helpful in you finding all of the relevant Hunter blinds in Spider-Man 2. Once you’ve located them all, you’re going to be able to go on over to the Hunter Bases which will let you finish off the storyline of the Hunters once and for all.