Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 all Hunter Base locations – how to complete

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 all Hunter Base locations – how to complete
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Hunter Bases are unlocked in Spider-Man 2 after you complete all of the Hunter Blinds. Across Harlem, Upper West Side, Financial District and Downtown Brooklyn, you’re going to find different bases once you finish taking down the Hunter Blinds. Completing all the blinds in a district will reveal the base to you, and you can go ahead and take down all the enemies there.

As you wade through the Hunter Bases, you’re going to find out more and more about Kraven – and even his family. Ganke notes that they sound cool, though Miles is aware that they might cause them problems down the line. Keep completing Hunter Bases to learn more about Kraven’s dark past, though be-ware. It gets gruesome.

Hunter Base locations in Spider-Man 2 and how to find them

You’re going to find Hunter Bases in the following locations – all the same districts that you found Hunter Blinds in:

  • Harlem
  • Upper West Side
  • Financial District
  • Downtown Brooklyn

How to complete the Financial District Hunter Base

✓ Amaar’s Advice

For a healthy XP boost

Make sure to complete the optional objectives in the Hunter Bases as you will earn much more XP.

You will find the Financial District Hunter Base down a manhole. This mission will be fairly reminiscent of the first game’s underground bases.

A screenshot of a video game showing a man in a green suit completing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Hunter Base locations.
Miles Morales standing outside the entrance of the Financial District Hunter Base.

How to disable the communications console

Stealthily climb the ceilings towards the control panel and press Triangle in front of it. This will check off one of the optional quest objectives, netting you an XP boost.

How to kill all the plants

Press L1 and R1 on the sprinklers to release herbicide on all the plants. You will find two of these spread throughout the map. It’s recommended that you deal with this first, as you can use stealth to find them.

How to defeat all the enemies

Defeating swathes of enemies is the hardest part – especially with an axe wielding brute to contend with. Focus on him first, then the rest should be easy enough.

How to complete the Brooklyn Hunter Base

A man is working on a computer in a dark room, gathering information and searching for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 all Hunter Base locations to complete his task efficiently.
Spider-Man 2 disables a communication console in a Hunter Base

How to disable the communications console

You will find this in a separate room, simply press Triangle in front of it. Like the other Hunter Bases, it’s going to be pretty straightforward.

How to complete the Upper West Side Hunter Base

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 game features an agile superhero standing on a building in search of all Hunter Base locations.
Spider-Man 2 outside the entrance to the Upper West Side Hunter Base. You can see the entry grate on the back of the building.

This Hunter Base is particularly hard to complete. With quite a few levels, there’s going to be a constant onslaught of enemies.

  • Around the back of the main building (east facing), there’s going to be a building vent you can climb through. You will spot it by pressing R3.
  • Climb in through there, then look for the green lasers defending the communication console.
  • Use L1 + R1 to disable these. There will be four near each other.
A screenshot of a video game showing a room with a lot of lights in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
An image of the laser control panel in Spider-Man 2 hunter bases.

Disable the Communications Console after this, though be prepared as your next task is taking on hordes of Hunters. It’s relentless, so make sure you’re ready.

How to complete the Harlem Hunter Base

How to disable the communications console

  • You’ll find this in an underground lair, which you can find by using your Spidey Senses (R3)

How to sabotage vehicle turrets

  • You’ll be able to disable the vehicle turrets fairly easily in this mission. All you have to do is press L1 + R1 in their vicinity

Once you have completed all of the Hunter bases in Spider-Man 2, you’re going to earn the Last Hunt Suit for Peter, alongside the Most Dangerous Game Suit for Miles. For a look at all the different Spidey outfits check out our guide on all suits in Spider-Man 2 and how to unlock them. After you pick these up, you’re also going to earn the Seek and Destroy trophy too.