Starfield Game Pass release time prediction UK / US and countdown

Starfield Game Pass release time prediction UK / US and countdown
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Wondering what the Starfield Game Pass release date is? Bethesda Game Studios’ space adventure RPG has been in early access for a few days, but for many people not wanting to fork out extra, you’ll need to wait until the game comes to Games Pass.

With wider the Starfield release date fast approaching after a period of early access, we’ll go through everything you need to know get your hands on the epic sci-fi adventure from Bethesda. Let’s kick off.

Starfield Game Pass release date 

Yes, Starfield will be playable on Game Pass from September 6 for those wanting to wait and not pay extra to play the game.

The good news is that this means you won’t be waiting much longer as the release date for the space RPG is almost upon us. Those who wanted to get into the game’s five days early access were originally able to do so by grabbing the Starfield Premium Edition upgrade.

The launch of Starfield onto Xbox Game Pass also means those looking to play the game via the game pass cloud service will also be able to do so.

The downside is that for those looking to do a $1 trial, which used to be available, Micorosft has quickly shelved that, so you’ll need to sign up if you’re going to play the game. You can check our always updated Game Pass Free Trial tracker which will let you know if there’s a free trial or cheaper way to get Game Pass.

What time does Starfield release on Game Pass?

Time wise, there’s no definite answer here, with many fans on Reddit also struggling to see a consistent patten of when the game will come out. Some say the most common is 10am PT and 9pm PT, but right now this is pure speculation. If it’s anything like the Starfield early access launchwe expect that you can play Starfield on Game Pass at midnight your time (or 1am BST), which is when the Standard edition will be playable.

Starfield Game Pass countdown

If you want a handy countdown clock for the Game Pass launch of Starfield, we’ve got you covered below. Bear in mind, we’re basing the time it counts down to as midnight UTC, which is 1am BST, as that’s the time we expect the Game Pass version to be available as soon as the game is.

Is Starfield a Game Pass exclusive?

Although Starfield will be on Game Pass from day one, it will not be exclusive to the service. If you aren’t a Game Pass subscriber, or perhaps just prefer buying your games outright, you will be able to buy Starfield separately, both digitally and physically. Bethesda’s space faring RPG will also be purchasable through Steam as well as all of the typical outlets (Amazon, Best Buy, Target).

That’s all we’ve got regarding Starfield on Game Pass. If you’re excited for the game’s arrival, why not check out our Starfield factions list and learn a bit more about all the big players. We’ve also got a growing number of dedicated guides for planets of interest in-game, ranging from Jemison and its shining metropolis of New Atlantis City to Mars and its underground ancient industrial settlement of Cydonia. There’s plenty to learn and explore before Starfield arrives later this year.

What is the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade?

However, if you’d like to get your hands on the game sooner through Game Pass without having to buy the full special edition, there’s an option for you. Game Pass members can get early access to the game from September 1st by purchasing the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade through the subscription service. It’s a little cheaper than buying a brand new Premium Edition copy of the game outright, but gives you most of the digital perks and bonuses – including early access – that the traditional Premium Edition would.

Buying this will also give you access to the Starfield Shattered Space story expansion once it releases, as well as a Constellation skin pack featuring a spacesuit skin, and if you pre-order it, you’ll get the Old Mars skin pack, too to add to the base game.

One quirk of Game Pass that isn’t present when just buying games is the worry that Starfield might eventually leave the platform. Many games are only on Game Pass for a limited time, but we think this will not apply to Starfield. As one of the flagship first-party Xbox titles for this year, and a major selling point for Game Pass, it’s unlikely that Microsoft will want to remove the game from the service. Similar Xbox titles have launched on Game Pass and remain there, and we would expect the same for Starfield.

There’s plenty to discover in Starfield once you start playing, check out our guides to the Starfield companions if you want to build out your crew. Alternatively, why not check out our picks for the best Starfield weapons.

Starfield Game Pass FAQ

Is Starfield on Game Pass?

Yes, Starfield is indeed Game Pass. This means Game Pass subscribers can play Starfield from day one on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Is Starfield a Game Pass exclusive?

Although Starfield is on Game Pass from day one, it will not be exclusive to the service.