Starfield fans want mech piloting added after Bethesda teases “major features on the horizon”

Starfield fans want mech piloting added after Bethesda teases “major features on the horizon”
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Though Bethesda had already recently provided Starfield fans with plenty of content to digest in the latest patch, more significant changes are seemingly in store for the interplanetary RPG. As part of their major update blog post, the Fallout developer revealed that “major features are on the horizon” for Starfield, indicating that more goodies will be arriving in the near future to keep the game’s fan base entertained for years to come.

Now, these “major features” will likely be different than the faster land travel and official mod support that Bethesda had already revealed in the same statement. But even though the developers have yet to reveal what these potential changes are, this hasn’t stopped players from sharing the new items and features they’d like to see in the game.

Some, like u/Team_Dibiase, are hoping for more laser weapon selections, since they claim there are only three in the entire game. Conversely, others are hoping Bethesda gives players improved roleplaying options by providing better clothing customization, both for NPCs and player characters. Arguably the most important potential change, however, is the ability to pilot mechs, as suggested by u/dietimdie.

Having the ability to terrorize the Starborn (or United Colonies citizens in an evil run), would undoubtedly be a blast for any space explorer. Plus, who wouldn’t want to explore each planet astride a massive bot that would make traversal infinitely easier? Of course, these are all mere suggestions for now, and fans will have to wait until Bethesda provides more details on what these “major features” will be. But with the Starfield Shattered Space DLC release date approaching, you may not have to wait long for more news.

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