Bethesda promises official mod support in Starfield end-of-year update

Bethesda promises official mod support in Starfield end-of-year update
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As the tumultuous year winds down, Bethesda has decided to close 2023 with an extensive end-of-year update revolving around their latest sprawling interstellar creation in Starfield. As part of their lengthy year-ending announcement, the Fallout and Skyrim developer not only gave its loyal fan base a look at several revealing Starfield statistics but also showcased their plans for Starfield in the coming months and beyond.

Though Bethesda’s end-of-year update may take longer to read than learning where to find Paradiso in Starfield, you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of useful tidbits are included in the announcement that should get you excited for the game’s future. This includes a promise to provide “updates roughly every six weeks starting in February.” According to the team’s statement, these patches will include everything from QoL tweaks to content and feature updates.

In addition, Bethesda has also promised to introduce more ways of traveling the Settled Systems and accessing city maps while exploring major cities. Aspiring intergalactic ship captains will also be pleased to know that the developers will also “be expanding on ship customization with ship decorations, new ship building options, and more.” Soon, the best Starfield ship designs won’t only be limited to outer space recreations of Thomas the Tank Engine and a burnt-ended hot dog sandwich.

The developers will also be adding new Gameplay options, which enable you to have a much easier (or more difficult) time playing through Starfield’s story, with settings that allow you to tweak ship damage, cargo carry capacity, vendor credits, and more. But most importantly, Bethesda has promised that “official mod support will be coming to Starfield with the launch of Creations.” The dev team has promised that “early next year, Starfield will be getting its own exporter, and you’ll have access to a new Creation kit.”

With all these goodies set to grace the star-spangled Settled Systems soon, life in outer space, albeit virtually, has never been more exciting. While you wait for the changes to arrive, you can read through the entirety of Bethesda’s statement through their official blog post. Alternatively, you can check out our pages on where to sell ships in Starfield, how to sell items in Starfield, and how to power up your ship’s Gravity Drive in Starfield.