Starfield is still broken despite major 25 GB update

Starfield is still broken despite major 25 GB update
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The latest Starfield update is finally here, which has brought 60 FPS support to the Xbox version of the game. With the update being 25 GB in size, there are far too many changes to list in this post, but check out our full patch notes here. Despite the latest Starfield update being the largest that the game has seen to date, Bethesda has not only added new features to the game but also left many major issues unfixed, as well as created new problems that players are already discovering despite the update just going live.

However, it is worth noting that not all experiences have been bad, with many players in the community praising the stability of the new frame rate options, as well as improved visuals, as well as the many quality-of-life changes that have been made to the game. But, it wouldn’t be a Bethesda update without something being broken, so let’s take a look at some of the things players are already discovering.

Starfield players have taken to Reddit to share their experiences with the game since the new update went live. U/BACKDO0RHER0 posted a screenshot showing that “Divided Loyalties and operation Starseed are still bugged” in the game, with the NPC that gives you the mission being noted as being busy so players are unable to communicate with her.

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U/ilove60sstuff has also discovered that space appears to be white/grey now instead of the usual. This is just a visual glitch that may correct itself as the assets load into the game. But, this wasn’t a common issue with the game prior to the update.

Spaceship in flight with exhaust visible, approaching a planet with orbiting asteroids against a starfield backdrop. Digital interface elements and cockpit view display navigation and hull status.
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U/PhasePhyre also took to Reddit to share some thoughts about the new update. While the user hasn’t experienced any issues with Starfield, they did have some concerns regarding the XP boost and nerf depending on the difficulty saying,

“So in this update, we gained the ability to change several aspects of difficulty such as carry weight, enemy damage, etc. Even more awesome, we get little XP% buffs for ‘increasing difficulty’ such as increasing how much damage enemies dish out, lowering carry weight, etc. But for the life of me, why is it that when you make the game easier, people are penalized with an xp nerf? It is almost like they are saying, “You’re bad at this game? Well, enjoy leveling up slower.” I get that xp is slowed down because you would probably be steamrolling enemies and content anyway, but what if you just want increased carry weight but everything else is left the same? Minor in the grand scheme of things, but it just seemed really unnecessary when you could have left the rates alone and let someone enjoy being a God in the game.”

As players spend some time diving into the new Starfield update, which finally added 60 FPS support on the console, there will likely be more issues discovered. If any major issues are discovered we will continue to share them as well as any possible fixes that can allow you to have a better experience with the game.