When is the next Starfield update? Upcoming gameplay changes explained

When is the next Starfield update? Upcoming gameplay changes explained
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Next Starfield update

  • We expect the next Starfield update to launch in May, or June at the latest
  • Steam players can test out a beta version of the update now
  • Major changes include better maps, new gameplay options and FPS changes for console players

It’s been some time since Starfield first released back in September 2023, but that doesn’t mean that Bethesda are done with the game. The development team are still hard at work on the game, tweaking mechanics and adding in new features to keep players coming back to explore the Settled Systems.

So if you’re looking for some new content, or are a returning player wondering if there’s anything coming up soon, we’ll take you through what you need to know about the next Starfield update, when it will arrive and what will be included.

When is the next Starfield update: The Frontier sitting on a landing pad with rocky cliffs in the background.
Players will be able to make ship combat easier with harder ground combat, or vice versa. Image captured by VideoGamer

When will the next Starfield update release?

While Bethesda haven’t announced a definite release date, we predict that the next Starfield update will release at some point during May, and during June at the latest.

Technically, if you’re a Steam player then this update has already been released for you, with a post on the official Bethesda website confirming it. While the final tweaks are being made before the update’s full release, a Steam Beta version of the update has been made available so that players can try it out and provide feedback to the development team.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing via the Xbox App or on an Xbox console, then you won’t be able to access this beta period and will have to wait until the update actually releases. But there’s plenty of new content for you to be excited about.

Sadly, there’s still no news about the upcoming Shattered Space DLC, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we get our hands on it.

When is the next Starfield update: Andreja sitting in a ship looking towards the player.
Players will be able to decorate the inside of their ships. Image captured by VideoGamer

What’s included in the next Starfield update?

The next Starfield update brings with it a whole host of improvements. Top of the list are improved surface maps to make certain planets easier to navigate, and new gameplay options to give you more control over the game’s difficulty, letting you customise your experience further.

Ship customisation is getting an update, with you now being able to decorate the interior of your ship just as you can with your outposts. And on the subject of outposts, inventory management is being made easier with the addition of tabs to Container menus to make organisation simpler.

If you’re an Xbox Series X player, then you’ve got a massive change coming, with increased frame rates. You’ll be able to choose between 30, 40, 60 or Uncapped FPS if you’re using a VRR display, and between 30 and 60 FPS on non-VRR displays.

Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to prioritise visuals or performance for your game. So if you want to play with a better frame rate, but want to switch to prioritising visuals to get a few screenshots, you can do just that.

As well as all of this, there are the customary bug fixes, with changes being made to gameplay, graphics, quests and outpost management to look forward to.