Starfield sales – how many copies has Starfield sold?

Starfield sales – how many copies has Starfield sold?
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Bethesda’s space epic Starfield was released in September 2023, and became incredibly popular, making it no wonder why people are asking how many copies of Starfield have sold. The game’s popularity indicates good numbers.

With the DLC for Starfield, Shattered Space on its way, and official mod support from Bethesda promised, the game is still in full swing. However, with Starfield being released on Game Pass at launch, it can be difficult to tell the exact number of copies sold. We’re here to dive into the numbers to find out just how many units Starfield has sold.

How many copies of Starfield have sold?

Because the game was launched as both a full game and available on Xbox’s Game Pass service, it can be difficult to get the exact number, but we do know that over 10 million players were in the game per a tweet from Bethesda.

However, the player count was likely inflated by Game Pass subscribers. Starfield was still the best-selling game of September 2023, beating out Mortal Kombat 1. By the end of 2023, Circana put the game as the tenth best-selling video game of the year.

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Estimating from the numbers of other games on Circana’s list, particularly Mortal Kombat 1 which landed at nine, we can estimate that Starfield has sold around 2.5 million copies. However, there are no official numbers of actual sales reported, so this is just an estimate.

The race to first

Both Starfield and Mortal Kombat 1 were released in September 2023. While Starfield initially sold more copies than MK1, by the end of the year MK1 beat them out by one spot. MK1 came out as the ninth best-selling game, and Starfield at tenth.

Starfield was the biggest launch for Bethesda of all time, making it a hit from the start. However, numbers have dwindled since its initial release, and as of January 2024, the game has around only 13,500 players currently playing.

Starfield still broke plenty of records for studio Bethesda, being their first new universe in over 20 years. The game lets you live out a space epic where you choose your own story, taking you across the universe and exploring endless planets.

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Starfield copies sold FAQs

How many copies of Starfield have sold as of 2024?

While no official numbers have been given by Bethesda, estimates from Circana put the game at around 2.5 million copies sold.

How many players are playing Starfield?

At launch, Starfield had over 10 million players in the game. The numbers have dwindled since, with around 13,500 players as of January 2024.