Dragon’s Dogma 2 All Portcrystal locations – where to find more reusable ones

Dragon’s Dogma 2 All Portcrystal locations – where to find more reusable ones
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Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 make fast travel possible but they aren’t cheap. But if you had to pick between a long walk or oxcart journey punctuated with monster attacks and instant travel, the latter is certainly appealing. Read on to learn about Portcrystal locations, reusable Portcrystals, and the best place to use them.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals: An image of a map with the Portcrystals of DD2 highlighted. Image captured by VideoGamer.
This map shows the only two Portcrystals available in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.

What is a Portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Think of Portcrystals as Dragon’s Dogma 2’s fast travel option, letting you use either permanent ones in towns or reusable Portcrystals of your own to travel. Note that this method requires Ferrystones to use so keep some of them with you at all times. They’re pretty expensive so try looking in chests and pursuing the right quests to get them. Remember that not all locations, especially indoor locations, allow you to use Ferrystones.

All permanent Portcrystal locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There are two permanent Portcrystal locations in the game:

  • Vernworth – You can find this near the inn. It’s a good place to teleport to as it has oxcart routes to Melve Village and Checkpoint Rest Town.
  • Harve Village – You’ll find it near the Stormwind Cave, outside a hut by the beach. You’ll visit this place for quests like Monster Culling and Scaly Invaders.

Surprisingly, you won’t find Portcrystals at other major locations like Bakbattahl, Sacred Arbor, and Checkpoint Rest Town. This is why reusable Portcrystals are important in DD2. Note that the true ending after the Legacy quest has three more Portcrystal locations (Sacred Arbor, Seafloor Shrine, Agamen Volcanic Island).

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals: A Portcrystal in a player's inventory. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Here’s what a reusable Portcrystal looks like. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to get more reusable Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here are some methods you can use to get reusable Portcrystals in DD2. Remember to use them sparingly as these are neither cheap nor easy to acquire. But in the right places, it can help save hours of travel.

1 – Get one reusable Portcrystal after the Feast of Deception

This is the last objective in Brant’s quest chain offered at Vernworth’s tavern. You’ll need to finish quests like The Caged Magistrate, Nameless Village, The Stolen Throne, and others to get to this one.

After donning courtly clothes taken during other quests, you’ll attempt to attend the coronation of the false Sovran, only to find your attempt stopped. After a cutscene plays out, simply rest on the bench next to Brant and speak to him to receive a Portcrystal.

2 – Obtain another Portcrystal from A Trial of Archery

You’ll meet Glyndwr the elf in Vernworth right next to the armory. After giving him a bow to examine, he will invite you to train with him near the Trevo Mine. Finishing his quest chain will give you a Portcrystal and the ultimate Archer class technique. You’ll also have an easier time at Sacred Arbor, home of the Elves.

Consider placing this Portcrystal at Sacred Arbor itself

This Elven location does not have a Portcrystal of its own. So placing a fast travel point here will let you visit the place to finish quests.

3 – Get two Portcrystals from the Sphinx Riddle of Madness and Riddle of Conviction

Tackling all the Sphinx riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is no simple feat. Here, pick the Riddle of Madness which involves placing your main pawn on the dais. Do this and you’ll get access to a chest with a Portcrystal. Next, opt for the Riddle of Conviction where you can pick any item from your inventory. Pick a Portcrystal and it will be duplicated, giving you a fully functional Portcrystal.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals: A player fights a Griffin in Battahl, a location in DD2. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Griffin is a nasty foe but their nests hide many treasures. Image captured by VideoGamer.

4 – Get to a Forested Griffin’s Nest to get a Portcrystal

If you manage to hold on to a Griffin for long enough, it will take you to its nest in the Misty Marshes. This location can be found northwest of Harve Village. Instead, you can also head to this location via Checkpoint Rest Town too. Keep plenty of Stamina items with you to ensure that you reach its nest in one piece. Here, slay the monster and you’ll be able to find a Portcrystal in its nest. You might take a while to return to a town from here but it’s worth the effort.

5 – Purchase Portcrystals for real-world money

$2.99 will give you a Portcrystal without any additional effort. While we don’t recommend this method, it’s worth considering if you’re low on time and want to quickly access a fast travel point. Remember that you can only use a maximum of ten Portcrystals so you can’t simply use this instead of travelling across the map.

6 – Find one last Portcrystal from the Dragonforged’s Bay Wayside Shrine

As you work through the Flickering Shadows quest, you’ll meet the Dragonforged in the Bay Wayside Shrine. You can obtain a Ferrystone from them for 3 Wyrmslife Crystals and a Portcrystal for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals (WLC). While this material is hard to come by, it’s worth investing it into a fast travel point. Defeat Dragons and Drakes to earn this resource.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals: An image of a party next to a Portcrystal. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of a party next to a Portcrystal. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Can you duplicate Portcrystals and Ferrystones via forgery?

Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop at Checkpoint Rest Town lets you forge items to create duplicates. Some quest items like Brant’s Gaol Key can be duplicated with the same functions. But that isn’t the case for Portcrystals and Ferrystones. Doing so will only get you a “Partcrystal” and a “Ferristone” that are identical in appearance to the originals but won’t function as they’re supposed to. It would have been interesting if these would teleport you to the wrong location. But the game’s challenging enough with monsters and Dragonsplague to worry about.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Portcrystals: An image a player entering Bakbattahl in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The bustling market streets of Bakbattahl are a good location to drop a Portcrystal. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Does Bakbattahl or Battahl have a Portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

No. The entire country of Battahl does not have a single Portcrystal. If you want to fast travel back to Battahl at any point in the game, you will want to place one of the reusable Portcrystals in specific locations. We recommend placing one near the Dragonforged and one in Bakbattahl if you have enough. This will allow you to reach the city and to also get Dragonforged upgrades more easily.

Best places to keep reusable Portcrystals

Now that you have plenty of Portcrystals, here’s where we recommend placing them in DD2:

  • Bakbattahl – It’s a chore to travel all the way here from Vernworth via two ox carts. And that’s before the stray monster attack delays them even further. As a key location in the southern region, placing a Portcrystal here is a good choice. Consider placing it in your house.
  • Volcanic Island – While you’ll only end up here during the later portions of the game, it’s a good spot for a Portcrystal. This is because there are some excellent shops here in addition to two master trainers. You can skip the long slog through Drabnir’s Grotto this way.
  • Sacred Arbor – Placing a Portcrystal up north is a good idea. While Sacred Arbor itself only has a few quests, you can still explore the region better this way.
  • Bay Wayside Shrine – It is a bit of a trek going from Bakbattahl to the Bay Wayside Shrine to get Dragonforged enhancements. Because of this, you can place a stone right outside of the cave as a place to conveniently travel to.
  • Near the Sphinx – The Sphinx appears in two different areas for her riddles. Some of these riddles require you to bring an NPC to the Sphinx or go find an item. Keeping a temporary Portcrystal near the Sphinx will allow you to complete these riddles more easily.
  • Current quest locations – There are a few times when you will need to go to an area and then return later on for a quest. Because of this, we recommend you always carry an extra Portcrystal if you have one to make travel back to quest locations a bit easier.

That covers Portcrystals in the game. For more on the RPG’s resources, read up on how to get Rift Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and how to pass time to move forward in specific quests.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Portcrystals FAQs

How many Portcrystals can be active at a time in DD2?

Players report that a maximum of ten Portcrystals can be active.

Can you sell Portcrystals in DD2?

Yes, but you’re better off using them for fast travel despite their 15000 Gold selling price.