All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles solutions – how to find the Mountain Shrine

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles solutions – how to find the Mountain Shrine
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The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles are hard to complete, and just as hard to find. Here are the solutions to A Game of Wits quest, alongside how to find its location.

We will go over the weaknesses and items dropped by the Sphinx after you battle it, alongside how to complete each of the riddle mini-games that compose one of the game’s most complex quests.

How to find the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To find the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’re going to need to head on over to Checkpoint Rest Town, a camp to the left of Vernworth. From there, follow the road north towards the Ancient Battleground. In the image below, I’ve marked the route in red.

how to find the Mountain Shrine: In-game map depicting a fantasy landscape with marked locations, including an "ancient battleground" and Sphinx riddle solutions in Dragon's Dogma 2 - A Game of Wits.
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Alternatively, you can voyage there from the East, if you follow the blue arrows marked above. A good starting point is Trevo Mine.

Along the way, you encounter a few big enemies. Trolls and ogres lurk in the forests, so make sure you have stocked up on curatives and the like.

how to find the Mountain Shrine Two video game characters engage in a dialogue in a rocky environment, with the text of their conversation about Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx riddle solutions displayed at the bottom of the screen.
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Along the way, you’ll meet Oskar, which begins the Tolled to Rest quest. All you have to do is clear the Ancient Battleground of enemies, which isn’t too hard at all.

how to find the Mountain Shrine, in front of a cavern.
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You’ll need to clear the Ancient Battleground, which you can do very easily. Head inside, fight a few skeletons, then head to your left. Climb up a ladder, and you’ll find yourself on a battlement with a ballista.

how to find the Mountain Shrine - A player character operating a large ballista in a green, rocky environment within Dragon's Dogma 2.
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Below is a Drake fighting a troll. You can watch the fight play out, or alternatively, you can shoot the Drake in the chest with the Ballista to kill it, but you’re going to need to aim well. This is not needed though, and you can just walk past the scene. Towards your left, you’ll see another battlement with another ballista on it. Just before you reach it, drop towards the left into a cavern.

✓ Amaar’s Advice

Don’t stray.

On my first time going through this level, I didn’t go straight into the cavern. I kept going straight towards the ballista and used it to kill the troll. I kept going forward, and got lost in the Misty Marshes. There was no return, and it took me an hour to get back to the Ancient Battleground from here.

Follow the way the little tunnel, and you’ll emerge close to a sleeping Troll, one of the many boss monsters you’ll encounter. You can either fight it, or run past it to the left. It’s not a particularly difficult battle, though unlike most others of its kind you’ve faced so far, this one is clad in armour.

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To the left you’ll find a ladder which will take you to the Worldsend Cave. It’s a pretty straightforward cave, and within its depths you’re going to find plenty of raw materials – especially Ores. Once you fight your way through the zombies and phantoms, you’ll emerge at the Ancient Ruins.

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After you leave the cave, you will be extremely close to the Sphinx’s shrine. You have one more enemy to defeat along the way – a Stone Golem. Since it’s made of rocks, your weapons will be pretty useless. That is, unless you attack it’s vulnerable Blue spots, which will deal massive amounts of damage to the beast.

how to find the Mountain Shrine - A player character in Dragon's Dogma 2, hidden behind a rock formation, preparing for stealthy action.
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Explore a little bit, and you will find the Shrine Corridor. Keep following it and you will eventually find your way to the Mountain Shrine, the home of the Sphinx.

All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles and solutions – A Game of Wits quest walkthrough

All Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx riddle solutions - The sphinx in front of the player.
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The Sphinx is going to ask you five riddles to begin with. You can complete the first three on your first visit, and there are two that you’ll need to leave and return to complete. It’s recommended that you bring a Portcrystal with you, so you can quickly return in the future. If not, you know the way now.

1. Riddle of Eyes

RiddleOur eyes are our allies, yet oft they do betray, for eyes tell lies, so I advise, and thence do lead astray. Yet how will your eyes advise you? Venture through yonder door, and retrieve that which is of greatest value.
AnswerYou will be pointed towards a door. Inside will be a few enemies that will draw your attention. Let your Pawns deal with them. When you enter, turn around and look above the door. You will find a chest with a Sealing Phial inside. Give this to the Sphinx.
Reward1x Wakestone, Sealing Phial
All Dragon's Dogma 2 Sphinx riddle solutions - Three characters from Dragon's Dogma 2 stand at the entrance of a stone doorway, with one holding an oversized shield.
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2. Riddle of Madness

RiddleLove is as twin to madness, they say. They are bound fast, as night is to day. So bring forth your most beloved to me, that I might gauge the depth of your insanity.
AnswerBring your most beloved to the Sphinx, or in other words, the character with who you have the highest affinity. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your main Pawn, it can be any of them or even an NPC you’ve romanced. They’re all just as disposable as one another. Sigh.
Reward1x Portcrystal

3. Riddle of Wisdom

This riddle isn’t obvious and will require a little bit of travelling. That is, unless, you’ve read this guide before travelling there. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to summon a Pawn from the rift. It needs the Moniker of SphinxParent, SphinxMother, or SphinxFather, and must be created by Capcom.

RiddleThe parent knows the child, yet the reverse is far from true. The child knows not the parent: such is the parent’s due. I am a lost child; for kinship do I yearn. So bring to me my “Parent,” that I might better learn.
Answer‘SphinxParent’ Pawn
Reward1,200x RC

4. Riddle of Conviction

This riddle is extremely easy, though it will test your conviction. After being told the risks of giving the Sphinx your item, you’ll have a choice. Something useless, or something valuable. Luckily, after you give it to her, she will return it to you, and give you a copy. Give her a Portcrystal or another extremely valuable item.

RiddleLife is an enigma – a lender of mortal debt. Yet lighter pack makes fleeter foot and challenge nimbly met. So grant to me what you most prize, and thence elude your ponderous demise.
AnswerAnything, but make it valuable.
Reward1x Portcrystal

5. Riddle of Rumination

RiddleIt’s ever the first we keep fond in our breast, and ever the first that eclipses the rest. You know of the Seeker’s Tokens, I trust? Those keepsakes of a fondly remembered journey? Yet where was it that you found your first? Retrace your steps, if you can – you might make a new discovery. Seven days shall we say, ere you return? May your journey be a pleasant one.
AnswerHead to the location you found your very first Seeker’s Token, and you will find another one there. Deliver that to her within 7 days. If you can’t find the token, you can still return, though you won’t receive the same reward.
Reward3x Ferrystones

After you have completed the first five Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles, you’re going to be ready for the next section of the quest.

As soon as the Sphinx is done talking, quickly grab hold of her and climb onto her back. You will lose stamina, so try and find a place where you can stand up safely to regain, or chomp on Harspuds.

If you aren’t able to get onto the Sphinx’s back on time, you can still travel to the Frontier Shrine Sphinx location. It’s west of Checkpoint Rest Town, and isn’t too difficult to reach from there.

6. Riddle of Reunion

This is the first riddle from the second half, and all you have to do it arrive at the Frontier Shrine to activate it.

RiddleFive riddles have I posed, and five answers have you given. Perhaps you expected more, but I’m afraid that’s that. Our next game shall have to take a different tack. Though constant this world may seem, in truth, all is in flux. And so the time has come for me to fly. If you are not yet satisfied, seek me at my new abode.
AnswerMeet the Sphinx at the Frontier Shrine
RewardMore riddles.

7. Riddle of Differentiation

RiddleI seek this man. If men are so distinct, I’m sure you’ll meet him in a trice.
AnswerThe Sphinx wants you to bring the NPC shown to you back to her. Bring either Vergil or Dante, conveniently named after literature’s favourites.
Reward1x Whimsical Daydream

This is quite a hard one, especially as you’re going to encounter plenty of NPCs along your travels. You can refer to your NPC Logbook to find these NPCs, though Vergil is found in Checkpoint Rest Town and Dante is in Battahl. You will need to transport them to the Sphinx using a Ferrystone while carrying them.

8. Riddle of Futility

RiddleHere I have an amphora destiny for Ser Maurits in Battahl. Deliver it to him, but beware; it’s rather fragile.
AnswerYou will need to carry a vase to a specified destination without breaking it. You can’t be attacked, nor can you fast travel with it.
Reward1x Eternal Bond

How to use the Sealing Phial

The Sealing Phial you got earlier can be of use here in the Riddle of Futility. Instead of delivering the vase to Ser Maurits, bring him to the vase. This can be done with the Sealing Phial’s ability to store an NPC. Remember that it can only be used once but it’s worth using here as the vase is very fragile.

9. Riddle of Contest

RiddleThough ours is a battle of wits, tests of mettle are more to your strength. Is that not so? Come, try your arm—though he shall be your opponent, not I. However, I am not one to be amused by a simple duel. Bear this ring into battle, that I might gauge your true strength.
AnswerYou will need to fight an enemy while wearing a Ring of Derision, which negates your attack power. You will need to come up with a crafty way of winning the fight, such as throwing your enemy off a cliff.
Reward1x Ring of Ambition

10. Riddle of Recollection

RiddleNow, questions beget questions, and I have one for you: How many riddles have you solved thus far? My memory fails me you see. Remind me, and make it plain. Let yonder statues be your means. For every question aptly answered, bring one here before me.
AnswerYou will need to place a statue in place for each riddle you’ve answered so far. This does not include those at the Mountain Shrine, so the answer is four. Place the statues thus.
Reward1x Unmaking Arrow

That is the last of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles, though that does not need to be the end of your interactions with the Sphinx. It’s time to kill her for making you run around the entire map. Start slashing her with your weapon while she is getting up to fly away, and a bonus (and very optional) boss fight will begin.

How to beat the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2

After all your hard work, fighting the Sphinx is the last thing you want to do. Good thing you can one-shot her. Make sure you set your character to the Archer vocation and have the Unmaking Arrow in your inventory. Fire the Unmaking Arrow and you will have defeated the Sphinx without breaking a sweat. You will be rewarded with plenty of Gold along with the Key of Sagacity to open chest behind the Sphinx which contains an Eternal Wakestone, a handy item if a bunch of NPCs suddenly die. Ahem, Dragonsplague.

That’s as much as we have on the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sphinx riddles and their solutions, how to get to the Sphinx, and how to beat the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For me, this has been one of the best quests by far, and it’s definitely worth the effort for the sheer scale and scope of what you’re asked to do.