Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale quest walthrough – best choice

Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale quest walthrough – best  choice
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The Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale side quest tasks you with shadowing a curiously well-off beggar called Albert that you’ll first find spouting nonsense next to the dragon fountain at the centre of the Merchant Quarter in Vernworth. With a vague ‘keep an eye on the beggar’ objective, progressing the quest comes down to checking up on Albert just as night falls.

Below, you’ll find a full Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale quest walkthrough. For more Dragon’s Dogma 2 help, check out our DD2 tips and tricks beginner’s guide, how to get Art of Metamorphosis, how to get Miasmite, and how to unlock Mystic Spearhand.

A screenshot of an in-game map user interface from Dragon's Dogma 2: Beggar's Tale, a fantasy-themed video game, highlighting various locations such as "worker's tavern" and city
Follow Albert to the tavern in the Slums. Captured by VideoGamer

How to keep an eye on the beggar

Rest or wait until just before sunset, then return to the dragon fountain in the Merchant Quarter. Full blown nighttime will be too late, so it’s better to be early and wait it out. Watch Albert and before long, he’ll start walking off. Trail him to Walter’s Tavern in the Slums and approach him to trigger some dialogue.

A character approaches a bustling medieval-style tavern in "Dragon's Dogma 2: Beggar's Tale," with interactive npc markers and control hints displayed on the screen.
Albert’s a chatty one so be patient as you tail him. Captured by VideoGamer
✓ Tip

Head for the tavern

If you do get to the fountain and Albert is already gone, head straight for the tavern in the Slums and you should catch up with him.

Wait for him to leave (it can take a while so be patient) then follow him to his home in the Common Quarter. Albert will enter the house and come out a short while afterward sporting new clothes. Again, this can take a while, so be patient. Once he’s gone, head inside and grab the Beggar’s Garb from the bed.

An in-game map from "Dragon's Dogma 2: Beggar's Tale" depicting a fantasy medieval town layout with districts labeled "merchant quarter" and "slums," and a location marker
Albert’s home isn’t far from your own (if you bought it off Mildred) in the Common Quarter. Captured by VideoGamer

What’s the best choice in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale quest?

The objective will switch to ‘deliver the beggar’s garb’ and you’ll now have two quest objective markers to choose from on the map. These lead you to Albert’s mistress Hilda in the Noble Quarter and Albert’s wife Celina at the Walter’s Tavern. You can visit these in whichever order you want but don’t give the garb away quite yet as you have several choices to complete the quest.

Here’s are your choices and what happens when you give the Beggar’s Garb to each of the three characters:

  • Hilda – 900 xp and x3 Onyx – visit Hilda at her home in the Noble Quarter a few days later to learn that Albert is gainfully employed.
  • Celina – 900 xp, 3,000 gold, and x1 Noonbloom – Visit Albert’s house a few days later to discover that Celina has killed Albert and then herself.
  • Albert – 900 xp and 5,000 gold – Albert will thank you for keeping his secret safe.
A character in medieval-style attire interacts with a player in a hooded cloak in the Dragon's Dogma 2 Beggar's Tale video game environment.
Hand the garb over to Hilda and no one dies. Captured by VideoGamer

As for the best choice, it all comes down to your moral compass, but handing the garb over to Celina is by far the worst outcome. Keeping Albert’s secret safe will only encourage him to continue down the same questionable path. All things considered, giving the garb to Hilda appears to be the best choice – no one dies and Albert changes his ways.

That’s about all there is to the A Beggar’s Tale quest. For more quest guides, check out our Caged Magistrate walkthrough and Prey for the Pack walkthrough, both quests you can take on in Vermund.