How to get Rift Crystals (RC) in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Dragon’s Dogma 2 microtransactions explained

How to get Rift Crystals (RC) in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Dragon’s Dogma 2 microtransactions explained
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Are you wondering how to get Rift Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2? These crystals are your go-to item when you want to hire Pawns in the game. Capcom added this currency to the game to make it so you can’t just get high-level Pawns immediately but the option is there.

If you are looking into Rift Crystals, you might want to know how to hire Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You might also want to know what classes are in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you are thinking about hiring high-level Pawns, you will need to know how to get Rift Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

What are Rift Crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Rift Crystals, are a special currency in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that allows you to hire Pawns. Of course, not all Pawns require RC to summon. Instead, only higher-level Pawns require the currency. For instance, you can hire Pawns that are your level or lower for free. You can also hire your friends’ Pawns for free regardless of level. Only those that are higher level than your character require you to spend the currency.

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You can see the cost of a Pawn near its name while in the Rift after interacting with a Riftstone. You will also see the cost of hiring a Pawn when selecting them. These crystals can also be used to purchase items from Pawn Guilds later in the game.

Summon official Pawns

There are many different types of Pawns you can hire with some being Official Pawns. These are special Pawns that are made by Capcom. You can also hire celebrity and streamer Pawns.

How to get more Rift Crystals – points in Dragon’s Dogma

The most straightforward way of obtaining RC in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is to purchase the currency from your platform’s digital storefront. Capcom offers different amounts of these crystals for different amounts of real-world dollars. Of course, there is another method of obtaining these special items.

Other methods of getting Rift Crystals include:

  • Defeating monsters
  • Looting chests
  • As a reward for completing side quests
  • Sharing your Main Pawn

If you want to get over 300RC quickly, head to the Mountain Ruins. This location is to the south of the Sacred Arbor and is where you can help the elf with his archery training.

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If you travel to the north of these ruins and use the cave passage to reach the upper part, you will find a chest that you can drop down to and get 300 RC. If you have the ability to levitate or jump across a decent gap, you can also reach a chest that has 3,500 Gold.

That is everything you need to know about getting Rift Crystals in the game. While they are a special currency, they are obtainable in-game so there is no need to purchase them. Be sure to check out how to delete your Dragon’s Dogma 2 save if you want to start over. You can also check out what a Moniker is in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Rift Crystals – FAQ

Do you need to purchase RC in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

No. You can find the crystals in-game and do not need to worry about purchasing packs of them from the online store.

Are Rift Crystals necessary in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

No. You do not need this currency to hire Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can hire Pawns for free as long as they are at or below your level. You can also hire free Pawns from your friends.