Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate walkthrough
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The Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate quest is among the four quests dished out by Captain Brant when you first reach Vernworth. Magistrate Waldahr is likely to be sympathetic to your position as usurping Arisen and isn’t afraid to speak his mind to Disa. All this does mean he’s stuck rotting in a jail, and you’re tasked with freeing him.

We’ll walk you through how to complete the Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Caged Magistrate main story quest. For more help surviving Vermund and beyond, check out how to pass time, how to fast travel, how to get and use Ferrystones, our Dragon’s Dogma 2 tips and tricks beginner’s guide, and how to get Salubrious Draught.

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How to find the Magistrate Waldahr in Dragon’s Dogma 2

With the Gaol Key from Brant in hand, head to the southern part of Vernworth and enter the Noble Quarter. You’ll want to do this during the day because at night the patrolling guards are hostile. Check the image above for the exact location or follow the objective marker on your map.

Conveniently, a guard called Otto is buddies with Brand, so you can enter the Gaol tower without any fuss. Follow the stairs down until you enter a room lined with jail cells on either side. You’ll find the Magistrate Waldahr in the first cell on your right as you enter. You have two options here: fight and kill the guards then open the cell with the key, or alternatively, play it sneaky and wait for the guards to move away from the cell then enter. 

Either way, chat with Waldahr to learn he’s having a rather good time in the cell, reading texts free of his usual responsibilities. He mentions a place full of books and tomes to quench his thirst for knowledge as the only lure that would get him to leave his cell voluntarily.

Where to find a place with plenty of tomes in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Caged Magistrate quest

Exit the jail either the way you came in or by taking the stairs at the back of the cell chamber and head back to The Stardrop Inn to talk to Captain Brant. The Captain suggests talking to Kendrick down in the Slums of Vernworth to the east

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Go to the marker on your map (image above with the exact location). Kendrick usually loiters about in front of the The Gracious Hand church and is easy to spot thanks to his out-of-place blue robe. Pay him a charitable donation of 1000 gold and he’ll task you with getting intel on a child called Malcolm who has disappeared.

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This switches over to a quest called The Heel of History. Chat with the slum children running about to learn that Malcolm has found an entrance to the vaults below the Gracious Hand. From what we understand, you’ll need to talk to Rick, Aimee, and Harvey to get all the intel. Report back to Kendrick and enter the vaults.

Make your way through the vaults below The Gracious Hands in the Slums until you come across Malcolm in a chamber stacked with books and tomes – exactly what the Magistrate is looking for. The vaults are full of chests that are worth looting as well while you’re there.

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Return to the Magistrate

Exit the vaults and make your way back to the Magistrate in the jail in the Noble Quarter. Sell him the idea of the underground library and escort him out of the jail. We recommend taking the stairs that lead down at the back of the cell chamber. Once you’re outside, he’ll thank you and hand over a Ferrystone (a valuable item needed for Portcrystal fast travel) and a cool 7,000 gold.

That’s all there is to the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Caged Magistrate quest. For more guides, check out the Dragon’s Dogma 2 max level, how to level up fast, and how to change your vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, something we highly recommend doing.