Dragon’s Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity quest walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity quest walkthrough
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The Readvent of Calamity quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be tricky to finish, especially since the game doesn’t guide you through some segments. You’ll be hopping between Harve and Melve for a bit, helping the villages’ townsfolk with Saurians and a dragon. Don’t rush to the Feast of Deception coronation quest from Brant as it will result in you failing this quest. Here’s what you need to know.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity: A player fights a diseased dragon in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.
This diseased dragon will flee after you damage it enough in Melve. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Readvent of Calamity walkthrough in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Finish one of Captain Brant’s quests in Vernworth and head back to the village of Melve before the Feast of Deception quest and you’ll find it being sieged by a diseased dragon in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This is where the Readvent of Calamity quest begins. There’s a good chance you’re here to deliver a letter that an NPC offered you near the ox cart in Vernworth. You’ll have to wait though, because there’s a dragon to attend to.

It’s easier said than done but you have to defeat the dragon to proceed. While you only need to weaken it and force it to flee, you can also use the village’s massive crossbow tower to kill it, giving you some Wyrmslife Crystals. Plenty of warriors will already be fighting the beast so it won’t be difficult to aim at its blisters for maximum damage. After this fight, you’ll get a cutscene that involves Ulrika, Lennart, and Sigurd. They discuss rebuilding efforts and buffing up the town’s defenses to tackle future threats. You’ll then get a vague ‘visit Melve from time to time’ objective.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity: Ulrika argues with Martin in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Return to Melve and you’ll find an argument brewing in Ulrika’s home. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Wait for a couple of days and return to Melve. You can do this quickly by resting at a bench, an inn, or a campsite. Once you’re ready, head to the large house at the bottom left of the village to speak with Ulrika. You’ll spot a heated exchange between her and a government official named Martin at Ulrika’s house. He blames her for the dragon attacks, which makes little sense. She will flee the village the next day after you rest in a cutscene. Ulrika does this to figure out the real reason behind these attacks.

The game isn’t very clear about where she goes to. Ulrika flees to Harve village. If you’ve already completed the Monster Culling quest for Captain Brant, you can return to Harve Village to pursue the Scaly Invaders quest. This tasks you with clearing the area of Saurians once again. If you’re at a high level, they won’t pose much of a challenge. You’ll hear the village chief spew some absurdities at the local Beastren folk as he blames them for the Saurian attacks.

Finish Brant’s Monster Culling quest before heading to Melve for the dragon

This will let you hop directly to the Scaly Invaders quest after beating the dragon. You can take down two birds with one stone by finishing Scaly Invaders and finding Ulrika at the same time later on.

Finish Trouble On The Cape before Readvent of Calamity in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Defeat the Saurian onslaught and you’ll spot Ulrika at the main crossroad. Before you can return to Melve and inform Lennart, there’s another quest that needs your attention. There’s a man stuck in Stormwind Cave and she needs your help to beat the Saurians and bring Zoran back. It’s a short quest called Trouble On The Cape. On finishing this, the village chief Jonas realizes his folly and gives his title to Ulrika. This nets you 6500 Gold and a Ferrystone. It’s a reward that makes the entire Readvent of Calamity questline worth the effort.

Speak to her and then return to Melve to speak with Lennart. He’s usually walking about at the entrance of Melve Village. An oxcart will help you get there swiftly from Vernworth. Report back and you’ll get 4500 Gold and a Ring of Grit. This completes the quest.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity: A player meets Ulrika in Harve Village in DD2. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Meet Ulrika at Harve after fighting Saurians to progress in the quest. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How not to fail the Readvent of Calamity quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Finishing the coronation quest (Feast of Deception) before finishing Readvent of Calamity will result in you failing the latter. So be sure to finish it up first. Captain Brant also warns you to take care of loose ends before the coronation so listen to his advice. 

After you find Ulrika in Harve village, don’t delay heading back to Lennart and reporting on your findings. This may also result in you failing the quest. Some players also report breaking the quest by throwing the government official Martin off a cliff. So hold your temper and just play along for now. After all, this quest is essential to a potential Ulrika romance.

Where to find Ulrika in Dragon’s Dogma 2

After you meet up with Ulrika in Harve, she will move to Melve along the coast to the west of Vernworth. She will appear around the main square of Harve during the Scaly Invaders quest provided you completed her earlier quest steps.

That covers the Readvent of Calamity quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you’ve picked a Thief or have a pawn of this vocation in your squad, check our list of best daggers in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If not, our tips and tricks guide is a great resource for monster slaying.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity FAQs

Can you kill the dragon in Melve in DD2?

Yes, use the crossbow on top of the tower.

How to finish Readvent of Calamity in DD2?

Speak to Lennart after meeting Ulrika in Harve to complete this quest.