How to get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded – best farming spots

How to get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded – best farming spots
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Want to know how to get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded? Whether you’re looking to craft leather or upgrade your Flame Altar, you’ll need to head out farming for Ammonia Glands at some point or another. As a late game-ish resource, Ammonia Glands are hard to come by if you don’t know where to look.

We’ll walk you through how to get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded. For more help in Enshrouded, check out how to get Lapislazuli, how to get Clay, the best armor sets, how to complete the Seed of Suspicion quest, and how to get the Advanced Glider.

A screenshot of the enshrouded map in Apex Legends.
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Where to find Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded

To get Ammonia Gland, you’ll need to kill and loot the large red mushroom enemies in the Umber Hollow Shroud zone in the Nomad Highlands. They are mobile, unlike other plant-like enemies in the game, and scuttle around fairly quickly, unleashing a poison cloud around them as their main attack.

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Killing them and looting their bodies gives you anywhere from x4-x6 Ammonia Gland per mushroom. If you’re feeling particularly resourceful, shooting off the red blobs growing on the mushroom also drops extra glands that you can pick up as floor loot.

A screenshot of a map with numerous Enshrouded Ammonia Gland locations.
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Where to farm Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded

The best place to farm Ammonia Gland is in the Shroud zone below Lupa’s Lair in the Umber Hollow, in the Nomad Highlands. Just west of the rock formation where Lupa’s Lair is perched, you’ll find anywhere from 4-5 red mushrooms. Check the image above for the spot.

You’ll want to set up a Flame Altar somewhere close outside the Shroud to quickly fast travel in. As for getting out of the Shroud after farming, there’s a path leading east up the Lupa’s Lair rock formation. About halfway up is a tower. Climb to the top and you’ll exit the Shroud, allowing you to fast travel away as required.

What crafting recipes require Ammonia Gland

Here’s what you can craft using Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded:

  • Flame Altar Flame Level 5
  • Acid Bite
  • Leather
  • Paper

That covers how to get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded. We also have guides covering how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Flintstone, the Fell Monstrosity location, how to get Resin, the Crucible location, and how to get Linen. If you’re also partaking in a spot Palworld between Enshrouded sessions, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, the best Pals for Lumbering, the best Pals for Mining, and the best Pals for Farming, all three crucial to a smooth-running base.