How to get Padding in Enshrouded

How to get Padding in Enshrouded
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Wondering how to get Padding in Enshrouded? Padding is a required component for several late-game armor sets, including the Assassin and Deerstalker sets. The process for crafting is quite lengthy, mainly because it involves completing several NPC quests to get the right work stations.

We’ll walk you through how to get Padding in Enshrouded. For more help surviving Enshrouded, check out how to get Fossilized Bones, how to get Clay, how to get Yucca Fruit, how to get Wax, and how to get Ammonia Gland.

A screenshot of a weapon in the video game Enshrouded, showcasing its Padding.
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Where to get Padding in Enshrouded

To get Padding in Enshrouded, you’ll need to produce it in the Hunter’s crafting menu using:

  • x3 Fabric
  • x1 Leather
  • x2 Resin
  • x3 Linen

Before you get the Padding recipe, you’ll need to complete several quests:

  • The Hunter’s Hand Spindle
  • In Need Of A Tanning Station
  • Loom For The Hunter

Completing all three lets you build the Hand Spindle, Tanning Station, and Loom – all three needed to craft the various resources needed to make Padding:

  • Hand Spindle – used to craft Linen from Flax Seed
  • Tanning Station – used to craft Leather from Dried Fur, Salt, and Ammonia Gland
  • Loom – used to craft Fabric from Linen

As for the Resin, this is obtained from trees with yellow or red leaves throughout the Springlands, Low Meadows, and Revelwood biomes.

What can you craft with Padding in Enshrouded

Here’s what recipes require Padding in Enshrouded:

  • Deerstalker Hood
  • Deerstalker Chest
  • Deerstalker Gloves
  • Deerstalker Trousers
  • Deerstalker Boots
  • Assassin Hood
  • Assassin Chest
  • Assassin Gloves
  • Assassin Trousers
  • Assassin Boots
  • Deadeye Hood
  • Deadeye Vest
  • Deadeye Gloves
  • Deadeye Trousers
  • Deadeye Boots

That’s all there is to how to get Padding in Enshrouded. For more Enshrouded guides, check out how to get Metal Scraps, the Bridge Construction Report treasure chest location, the Crucible location, how to get Amber, and a quick guide explaining the max skill points and level cap for those eyeing up what skills to sink points into.