Where to find the Carpenter Vault Entrance in Enshrouded

Where to find the Carpenter Vault Entrance in Enshrouded
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Want to know where to find the Carpenter Vault Entrance in Enshrouded? Though the game kindly gives you a map marker to track down the Carpenter, finding the entrance to the Ancient Vault isn’t all that obvious. We spent more time than we’d like to admit trying to get in, scouring every inch of the grassy hill above the vault before we stumbled into the way in.

We’ll walk you where to find the Carpenter Vault in Enshrouded. For more help in Enshrouded, check out how to get Clay, how to get Lapislazuli, the best armor sets, how to get Fossilized Bone, how to get Amber, how to start and complete the Seed of Suspicion quest, and how to get Ammonia Gland.

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Enshrouded Carpenter Ancient Vault entrance location

The Carpenter Ancient Vault entrance location in Enshrouded is in the Shroud zone to the west of the Vault map marker. If you glide down from the Low Meadows Ancient Spire onto the top of the map marker and head west, you’ll come to a cliff overlooking a set of ruins and several large mushroom trees in the Shroud. In the distance, you’ll see the settlement of Morwenna. 

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Glide down and you’ll see a paved bridge. Follow it east to reach the entrance to the Vault. Note that there are several Shroud Fell enemies leading to the entrance, including a couple of archers perched high in the ruins. It’s worth grabbing the Flame Shrine near the start of the bridge in case things go south and you die.

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Once you enter the Vault, the general idea is to keep heading east until you hit a tunnel blocked by an exploding mushroom. Use a bow or wand to destroy it then press on until you reach a pile of rubble next to a small lantern. Use a pickaxe to get through to a chamber containing the urn with the Carpenter inside. Awaken him then head through the large doors at the back. Glide down to the Vault entrance, go through, and run across the bridge to exit the Shroud.

That’s all there is to finding the Enshrouded Carpenter Vault entrance. We have other Enshrouded guides covering how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Linen, the Crucible location, the Fell Monstrosity location, the Bridge Construction Report treasure chest location, how to get Resin, and a quick primer on the max skill points and level cap, handy if you’re thinking about where to allocate points for this or that build.