How to get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded – best farming locations

How to get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded – best farming locations
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Wondering how to get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded? This rare, end-game ore is used for some of the best gear you can craft in Enshrouded, including the Warlock armor set and the Soldier armor set. As with so many of resources in Enshrouded, tracking down Lapislazuli is no small feat given the breadth of the map.

We’ll explain how to get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded below, and share our favourite farming spot we’ve found so far. For more thriving as a Flameborn, check out how to get Linen, how to get Twig, how to get Clay, and our guide to the Fell Monstrosity location.

Where to find Lapislazuli in Enshrouded

To get Lapislazuli in Enshrouded, you’ll need to mine Lapislazuli deposits found in the eastern part of the Nomad Highlands with a pickaxe. Lapislazuli veins have a distinctive blue colour and form little rocks that jut out of the dominant red and orange sandstone cliffs and rock formations that pepper the region. You’ll also occasionally find it on the floor, too.

The Nomad Highlands is very much a late game area and you’ll need a level 5 Flame Altar to get through the Shroud zones there. As for the tool of choice, any pickaxe will do, but the higher tier, the faster the mining of the ore.

Enshrouded Lapislazuli: Lapislazuli deposit location on the map.
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Enshrouded Lapislazuli farming locations

The best spot we’ve come across so far is located southeast of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire fast travel spot. Jump off the spire, glide southeast, and over the Fanning Ranch until you hit the ground. You’ll come to a small enemy camp guarding a passage under a massive rock formation. Don’t go through, instead head right up the embankment of the formation until you reach the top. 

From there, head to the location on the map above to find a huge Lapislazuli deposit in the side of a large rock formation you can farm. We recommend setting up a Flame Altar here to make fast travelling between farming runs easier. The area is also teeming with high level hyenas and scorpions so be wary, especially if you’re under levelled or have weak gear. While you’re here, there are also plenty of sulfur deposits in the area should you need those.

What can you craft with Lapislazuli

Here’s what you can craft using Lapislazuli in Enshrouded:

  • Warlock armor set
  • Soldier armor set
  • Sage armor set

That’s all there is to finding Lapislazuli in Enshrouded. We also have Enshrouded guides covering how to get Goo, how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Amber, and a primer on Enshrouded console commands and cheats. If you’ve also made the dive into Palworld, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, the best Pals for Farming, and the best Pals for Watering, both vital to keep your base ticking over while you’re out exploring.