Where to find the Crucible in Enshrouded

Where to find the Crucible in Enshrouded
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Looking for the Enshrouded Crucible location? Once you’ve awakened and summoned the Blacksmith to your base, he’ll task you with finding various pieces of gear he needs, including the Crucible to craft a Smelter. While the quest gives you a map marker, finding the Crucible can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look.

We’ll walk you through where to find the Enshrouded Crucible location for the Blacksmith’s quest. For more help surviving Embervale as a Flameborn, check out how to get Linen, how to get Clay, how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Fossilized Bone, how to get Amber, and how to get Goo.

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Where is the Enshrouded Crucible location

The Enshrouded Crucible location is in the Mark of Sameth mine west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire fast travel spot and northwest of Diadwyn. If you’ve yet to explore into Revelwood, head north from the Springlands Ancient Spire, past the Farmer Ancient Vault, and you’ll eventually enter Revelwood. Note that you’ll need a level 3 Flame at your Flame Altar to get through the Shroud areas there.

Enshrouded Crucible: character inside a cave.
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The mine is heavily guarded and swarming with Scavengers and wolves, so you’ve got two options: fight your way through or run for the Crucible, avoiding enemies as you go. Enter the mine area through the main entrance, follow the canyon until you see a flight of stairs on your right. Climb them then enter the cave on your right to enter a network of mining shafts. Push on through the cave then continue across a short bridge into another cave. 

Enshrouded Crucible: character standing in front of the Blacksmith's Crucible.
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Take the first right, go past the silver chest, and you’ll see a path blocked by rubble with a repair anvil on your left. Use a pickaxe to break through the pile of rubble to find the Crucible sitting on a table just ahead. Grab the Crucible and return to your base.

How to craft the Smelter in Enshrouded

Talk to the Blacksmith then bring up his crafting menu to see the Smelter recipe:

  • x50 Fired Brick
  • x1 Crucible

Fire Brick is crafted in the Carpenter’s Kiln, so you’ll need to find him if you haven’t already. Once you do, Fire Brick require x1 Lump of Clay and x1 Wood Logs. Once you’ve set up the Smelter, you’ll be able to craft Copper Bars, Tine Bars, and Bronze bars, all useful for plenty of crafting recipes.

That covers the Enshrouded Crucible location. We also have guides covering how to get Twig, how to get Flintstone, how to get Resin, and a quick primer on the max skill points and level cap. If you also playing Palworld at the moment, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, the best Mining Pals, and the best Electricity Generating Pals to keep your assembly lines running while you’re out exploring.